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Don’t Let These Worries Keep You From Becoming a Missionary

If you, like Anura Leslie Perera, feel called to missionary service, you will certainly spend a great deal of time in contemplation about the path you want to follow. Be careful not to let this important period of reflection turn into a self-defeating project. While it is natural to be concerned about your suitability to become a missionary, and appropriate to explore issues that may limit your service, you may feel that there are certain issues that disqualify you before you begin. Here some common Read more [...]

How to Succeed in Your Engineering Studies

Engineering is an incredibly attractive career prospect for anyone with a creative mind or an interest in science and maths. Engineers are the creators of this World, the ones who design, innovate and construct, they earn a good salary, are very respected and there is great deal of job security involved. As is the way with attractive career paths, the engineering industry is very competitive and there are so many students who are choosing to major in engineering that, as a student, you will need Read more [...]