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Creating a Dream Board? Here’s What It Should Look Like

A dream board is a great way of keeping you on track of your goals, aims and life ambitions. If you haven’t heard of one before the it is essentially a notice board where you can put pictures, photos, inspirational quotes or messages which represent what it is that you want to achieve from life. The way a dream board helps is that life can become very busy and challenging and time passes us by at lightning speed, so fast in fact that we can very often forget or lose focus of what are dreams actually Read more [...]

How You Can Become a CEO

As far as professions go, aiming to become a CEO is about as good as it gets for those with a mind that bends to business. CEOs are not only some of the richest people in the World but they are also among the most powerful and who doesn’t love power and money! Unless you have a mind blowing idea that will light up the World à la Zuckerburg then the path to becoming a Chief Executive is tough and one where you will have to excel in every step. To reach the top, you will need to follow in the footsteps Read more [...]

Which Branch of Engineering Is Right for You?

If you have decided on a career in engineering then you will no doubt be turning your attention to deciding on which of the many fields of engineering it is that you want to go in to. All branches of engineering require the same basic principles and it won’t be until you are studying in college that you need to make a decision on where it is that you will be headed. It will serve you well however, to have a strong idea of which branch of engineering you wish to work in as early as possible so that Read more [...]

What Characteristics You Need to be a Great Leader

Some people are born with natural leadership skills, they have what it takes to command groups of people and teams to achieve success, these people can lead in any situation whether it be sports, business or a camping event with friends, they are the ones who call the shots. These people however are in the minority and the rest of us, should we wish to be leaders, need to work hard on gaining the skills that are required to lead. Successful leaders like Russ Lea, a man who has spent his career on Read more [...]

Getting Down and Dirty with Charles Phillips

Charles Phillips Infor CEO has affairs with many different companies, some of which could be seen as competition. For instance, his cloud provider is Amazon Web Services (AWS) instead of his own. He may also start a deal for HANA with his largest competitor – SAP. Since he joined Infor, he has completely transformed it, and it seems that there is no stopping him. Phillips is a man with experience. He has been everywhere: the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Marine Corps, Wall Street, Morgan Stanley, Read more [...]

Infor, Charles Phillips and Software as a Service

Since Charles Phillips became CEO of Infor, it has grown to a reported 2,750 SaaS (Software as a Service) customers. Of these, at least 1,600 have converted their licensed software applications to cloud application instead. They have done this through the UpgradeX program, which Charles Phillips has spearheaded. According to Infor, the statistics on the health of the company are incredibly good. They have reported that, of the 2,750 customers: 25% use ERP, which are mission critical financial Read more [...]

Charles Phillips Now Competing Directly With Former Employer

Charles Phillips became known all around the world when he became an Oracle executive. His moves were analyzed and did bring a huge company growth during his time at Oracle. Now Charles Phillips role as CEO of Infor steps in to compete exactly with Oracle. Infor, commonly referred to as the “biggest enterprise software company you’ve never heard of”, is gaining ground at a really fast pace, although we cannot actually say that it is a true competitor for Oracle. What is really interesting Read more [...]

5 African American leaders who have taken business by storm

Once discriminated against and provided with absolutely no opportunities, there are now countless African American leaders who happen to be some of the biggest name in business. We've thankfully reached an area where diversity is rife in business and as you'll see from this list, some of the results from African American leaders is bordering on the unbelievable. Here, we'll take a look at five individuals who have taken their industries by storm. Kenneth Chenault The first man on our list is Read more [...]

Advice for building a career in customer service

If you thought all there was to building a business was increasing the sales margin and developing innovative products, then think again. No business can survive long term without providing good customer service. This is why there is much focus on customer service and those who work in this department. It is not just the sales people who are the face of the company it is also those behind the customer service desks and on the phones. Work in customer service departments, such as those in a call Read more [...]