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What Football Lovers Can Do in the Off Season

Are you feeling it yet? That end of football season hangover? You don’t need to be down because we are here with some ideas that will keep you rested and mentally ready for the new season before it starts. You know there is always life after the season ends. Regular TV Face it, during football season, everything else on TV takes a backseat. That is just a fact of life. When the games are on, it doesn’t matter what else is on, the TV will be tuned to the game. This means that in the off season, Read more [...]

Famous People Who Have a Finance Degree

The finance or business degree is seen by many as a dry, boring subject. However, there are some pretty famous people, people that few would refer to as “dry” or “boring” who have completed this degree. Let’s take a look at just some of them. Morris Chestnut Most people know Morris L. Chestnut for his acting skills. He was in Boyz n the Hood, Two Can Play that Game, The Best Man, The Brothers, Like Mike, The Perfect Holiday, Ladder 49, Not Easily Broken, The Perfect Holiday, and Read more [...]