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Ignorance Is not a Defense to Avoid Ranking Penalties

All website owners want one thing and one thing only: to get the first search result on Google. Achieving this means that they must engage in various strong search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, and that is surprisingly hard work. You won’t be the first to have completed training, gone to seminars, and read the books on SEO, applied the lessons learned and to then find your rankings have dropped. So how is this possible? A drop in rankings is usually due to your site getting penalized, presuming, Read more [...]

5 Things You Need to know About Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is a fantastic digital marketing technique that helps marketers to attract interested readers and potential clients to your website from a variety of avenues. Since referral traffic is driven by either social activity or inbound links, it offers several SEO benefits, as both of these get your website in the good books of the search engines. MozCon conducted a survey recently, showing that referral traffic is the second most preferred channel by marketers driving traffic to their Read more [...]

Website Security Is an Issue No Business Can Afford to Ignore

Do you know how to spot a fully secured website? If you are in the process of setting your first business website, security is an issue you'll need to pay attention to. This is an issue that can determine the success or failure of your business in a very short period of time. It's a very bad idea to attempt to set up an official company website without paying full attention to the issue of security. There are far too many hackers, phishers, and information thieves in the world to turn a blind eye Read more [...]

Why You Can’t Survive without Someone Managing Your Reputation

The internet is a fantastic tool that has enabled people to build huge empires from their own living room. Small startup businesses often didn’t have enough funds to engage in marketing, which meant they were never found. Thanks to the internet, however, they can start social media channels, websites, blogs, and more, often for free. Through these tools, they can reach audiences all over the world. Unfortunately, however, every advantage comes with a disadvantage. The disadvantage of the internet Read more [...]
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Local SEO Tactics That Small Businesses Should Know

For many businesses in Montreal, the concept of SEO (search engine optimization) is quite confusing. So if you have been trying to avoid it ever since you created a website, don’t feel embarrassed. Many more are guilty of this as well. However, in this day and age, you simply cannot afford to overlook its importance. Take a look at the following numbers: An estimated 87% of smartphone users use a search engine (Google) every day 27.4 million Canadians are online 94% of those Read more [...]

Reasons to Rent Computers for Seminars

Many companies hold seminars for a wide variety of reasons. Sometimes these seminars are to promote their products to potential clients. There are also employee seminars where companies explain new policies and procedures that will soon be implemented around the workplace. Whatever the reason for the seminar, it is often helpful if the people in attendance are able to interact with the person who is on stage giving the presentation. Therefore, a large number of computers are required so that each Read more [...]
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Costly mistakes to avoid while hiring an SEO firm – Steer clear of the blunders

We all want our online businesses to grow with more leads, sales and traffic and for achieving this goal; SEO is the most important strategy. If you don’t think you can do all that SEO on your own after managing every other aspect of your online business, it’s time to hire an SEO firm. But unfortunately, very few companies are aware of the fact that the very first thing about SEO which leaves the companies susceptible to being taken undue advantage of by the shady and illegitimate firms. If you’re Read more [...]

Best Ways to Market your website

Perhaps you have come up with an amazing idea for an eCommerce website. You know the exact types of products and services you are going to offer, as well as which people will help you to run it. You have hired a great web design firm that uses the latest shopping cart eCommerce software. Even if all of these things are in place, there is no guarantee your online business will succeed. In order for that to happen, the general public will need to find out about your business. You will need to find Read more [...]