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George Milford Haven: How a Visionary Marquess Founded uSwitch.com

George Mountbatten is the 4th Marquess of Milford Haven and in business circles is known to many as ´George Milford Haven´. He is a successful serial entrepreneur who founded uSwitch.com just after the 2000 dotcom crash While other entrepreneurs were afraid of returning to the dotcom market, Lord Milford Haven capitalised on the de-privatisation of the energy market in the UK to make a brave, bold move by creating a brand new type of internet price comparison website, at a time when the internet Read more [...]

The Top Five Ways You can Enhance Security in Your Business Premises

If you think that security is of no concern to you (perhaps you’ve been lucky enough in the past), think again: about 20% of all crime is perpetrated against businesses in the UK. This includes not just actual physical crime against property of persons, but also cybercrime, which results in about £21 billion a year. Crime is a multi-billion dollar industry, and businesses – both big and small – need to protect themselves against it. Luckily, taking some precautions makes you a lot safer, and Read more [...]

Frequently Asked Questions about UK Charity Challenges

There are many thrilling charity challenges that take part throughout the year in order to raise money for worthwhile causes, such as London to Paris bike rides, long distance hikes, a charity expedition to Machu Picchu in Peru, climbing Kilimanjaro and much more. If you want to participate in an event for charity you will have plenty of options to choose from, including rafting, sky diving, skiing and much more. So how do these challenges work, what do they involve and how do they raise money Read more [...]
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Moving Abroad – Your Money Matters

 When you think of Brits abroad, you think of burnt bits, sandals and socks, a need for tea and complaining about the hot weather. But one in ten Brits has left the UK for good, choosing to fully embrace a completely new life and culture. Deciding to live overseas is such a big decision to make, and really exciting, but with the novelty of a different climate and a new way of life come some important financial considerations.If you’re thinking about leaving the UK, read our checklist, and see Read more [...]
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Birthday fruit baskets – a modern gift for your dearest one

A basket filled with a variety of fruits classically or traditionally arranged in the form of a bouquet can be a unique birthday gift. Almost everyone loves fruit and it is an ample gift on its own. If presented most extraordinarily with decorative and colourful fruits which are readily available in the market, it might be the best of gifts for a birthday. With all the seasonal fruits in the array, a fruit basket may be decorated with typical fruits like apples, oranges, bananas, grapes, etc. It Read more [...]