The Basics of Etiquette and Proper Behavior in Elevators

Many buildings nowadays have elevators installed in them. Whether you use them professionally or for social occasions, it is important that you follow the right etiquette at all times. Etiquette can best be described as a set of unwritten rules, so let’s take the time to write these rules down once and for all.

Elevator Etiquette

  1. Always greet people who are already on the elevator when you board.
  2. If you see the doors shutting, ask ‘hold the elevator please’ so someone can stop the doors from closing.
  3. Wait for an empty elevator if you are in a large group or having a large item to carry. If you are in an elevator and someone tries to get in with a large item, try to help them as much as you can.
  4. If someone has pressed a button, don’t press it again, be that outside or inside the elevator.
  5. Do not press the button to quickly open doors that have started to close. If you forgot to say ‘hold the elevator please’, then you will simply have to wait for the following one.
  6. If you have pressed the wrong button by accident, simply apologize to your fellow passengers.
  7. Always leave as much space as possible for other people. This means you should always try to get to the back and wall of the elevator.
  8. If you are standing next to the control panel of the elevator, ask others boarding which floor they want to go to and press the button for them.
  9. Do not speak too loudly in an elevator or engage in conversation with others.
  10. Make space for people exciting the elevator.
  11. Do not hold the elevator with your body. Use the hold button instead.
  12. If you are sick, make sure you cover your mouth and nose if you cough or sneeze.
  13. Do not use your cell phone in the elevator unless it is an emergency.
  14. When you leave the elevator, always allow others to exit first unless you are actually blocking the door.
  15. If you are at the back of an elevator and you have to get off, slowly start moving stating ‘my floor’.
  16. If someone struggles to get out of the elevator, simple step out of their way, even out of the elevator if need be, and then return.
  17. Always check whether the elevator is going up or down before you get on, so you don’t end up riding for nothing or stop the doors from closing so you can get back out.
  18. Use the stairs if you only have to go up or down a single floor.
  19. If you have a heavy package and the elevator is empty, if you are disabled or if you are injured, rule number 18 does not apply.
  20. If you ever feel that someone else in the elevator is unsafe, simply wait for the next one.

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