The Importance of Web Security

As more and more companies become aware that they need a digital presence in the web, the issue of web security becomes a more urgent topic. It is imperative to hire a trustworthy website security expert, like what SiteLock Reviews say, to have peace of mind, both for your company as well as your customers. There are still those who choose to bury their heads in the sand and simply hope for the best (that they would not be the victim of cyber crime), but in reality, it is always better to be prepared than to panic later during a real emergency. Sensible people buy insurance and take steps to protect themselves, and this is no different from when it comes to web security.

Well-Known Brands Trust SiteLock

Does any of these name brands rings a bell – Go Daddy, Animal Rescue Corps, Luxury Bazaar, Tennis Channel… All of these companies are all the satisfied customers of SiteLock, What’s more, SiteLock has been featured in various well-respected publications like Forbes, CNBC, Entrepreneur, the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg Radio. SiteLock has also been recognized by Gartner as part of its 2015 Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing and been named one of the fastest growing companies in Arizona in Deloitte’s 2015 Technology Fast 500 Ranking. A sterling reputation like this guarantees customer satisfaction as well as high quality effort and service on the part of SiteLock.

What Makes SiteLock Unique

As cyber criminals become more sophisticated, it is now no longer safe enough to just have a firewall. Indeed, sometimes an anti-malware software could actually cause an infection. SiteLock offers an integrated web security package to deal with this constantly mutating problem. This means that the company tackles the problem of cyber threat from different directions – daily scanning, backdoor elimination, DDos prevention, web app firewall, automated pen testing, source code testing, vulnerability scanning, and more. If that still does not calm down even the most paranoid, SiteLock also has a support team that is available around the clock to respond to any cyber threat that rears its ugly head.

An Ongoing Battle with No End in Sight

It is a fact of human life that one hundred percent safety is impossible to achieve. However, with the proper planning and preparation, one could always minimize risks and threats, especially if one is guided by an expert like SiteLock. There is no denying that humanity will be more and more interlocked with the internet. While the internet offers many great benefits, it also has a dark side, especially when it comes to cyber attacks by unscrupulous people. One should not wait until that dreaded day comes when you find your website defaced or are suddenly locked out of your own website unless you pay a certain outrageous amount of “ransom” money. People think it is prudent to have health insurance. Of course, nobody wishes to get sick, but in case one gets sick, insurance provides peace of mind. SiteLock offers the same peace of mind, for your digital presence.

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