The Most Essential Facts on Survey Sites You should Know

Here’s one fact that would probably surprise you: companies make billion-dollar investments in order to get the full advantage of online marketing research. They do this for one simple reason: they want to know what customers think and what customers need, so they can address these thoughts and needs and come away with a better product or experience, resulting in better profits as well. Heavyweight, multinational companies like Samsung and Disney prioritise market research online just so they can find out more about their target audience.

So where do you fit in all of this? Well, if you are planning on making some money online by being a survey-taker and taking advantage of only cash surveys, then it affects you as well. You need to know that you are not wasting your time on survey sites that do not pay enough – or do not pay cash at all. To help you on your quest for the best survey sites, here are some reviews on the most popular paid survey websites out there.

  • Swagbucks

Swagbucks is arguably one of the most popular – if not the most popular – survey sites of them all. With Swagbucks, you can take surveys and perform different tasks. One great aspect about the site is that it’s pretty up-front when it comes to letting you know where your information will be distributed. The site is also easy to use and has excellent customer service. When it comes to convenience, it is above par. The same is true for its accessibility, its up-front (not to mention timely) system of payment, and its privacy policy.

  • My Survey

Another reputable site is My Survey, which offers an easy process for signing in that’s much appreciated by its users. What makes My Survey unique in its class is the fact that it lets survey-takers know right away which survey is going to pay out well – and at the soonest possible time. The only drawback with this system is that you have to be alert, as the highest-paying surveys are taken quickly if you are not quick yourself. In regards to convenience, My Survey is top-notch. You can receive both cash rewards as well as gift coupons or cards. But accessing the site is somehow more difficult if you are using a tablet – it is better to access My Survey using a standard browser for the Internet (such as from your computer or laptop).

  • Vindale Research 

Vindale Research has acquired a great reputation as well, and for good reason. The site is streamlined and easy to sign up for, although one issue with it is that it takes some time before you get your efforts paid off – in other words, you can spend a lot of time on surveys before they are finished and you can get paid.

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