Tips for Buying Wedding Bands

Choosing wedding bands can be a daunting task. After all, there are so many aspects to take care of.  While jewellery is a symbolic piece, with wedding bands, the meaning goes deeper. They represent a lifetime of love and commitment. With so many designs to choose from, the whole task can seem overwhelming. But with a little bit of planning, everything can go smoothly. Here are a few tips and tricks to nail this challenging task.



First and foremost, decide on a budget. Yes, money is a crucial factor and wedding band often take a significant portion of the wedding budget that you have decided. It is always wise to decide the budget before you go looking for wedding bands. Keep in mind that the cost will depend a lot upon the metal you choose, the type of ring you want, and the type of designs that you go for.


Decide what you want

This is the next crucial aspect. Be sure of what type of ring you are looking for. Do you prefer diamonds or some other gemstones? Is platinum your metal of choice or gold? Have you imagined a simple band, or would you like to go for embellishments? Do you and your partner want your rings to match or complement one another? Will your wedding ring be of the same metal as your engagement ring?  Discuss these factors beforehand with your partner so that you will have an idea of what to look for.


Don’t rush

Choosing and selecting jewellery takes time, especially when you are looking for something so precious. Something may catch your eye in an instant or you may have to look around a few shops before you ultimately find that ring. You should use this time to search, research prices, and re-examine any rings you liked before. If you have your heart set on a custom diamond ring, you’ll probably need even more time. Custom engravings or embellishments require even more time.


Go crazy with ideas

If you are unable to find something that suits your taste, go creative. Mix the metals of both the rings i.e. dual tone. Choose a design that reflects the bond between you and your partner. Your wedding bands are something that you will cherish for the rest of your life; make it as individualistic as possible.


Wear and tear

Another aspect that we often gloss over is your lifestyle i.e. how much wear and tear the ring will face. Depending upon the work you do, get something that won’t be an obstruction to your work. Remember that the gemstones come loose and might get stuck here and there. Huge diamond rings sit on the finger and might have an effect on your work if it involves a lot of typing or other such manual work on a daily basis.  Size is another important matter. So, choose something that fits on your finger seamlessly.



Under no circumstances should the quality be compromised. Always check for manufacturer’s mark as well as the quality mark so as to ensure that the thing that you are buying is worthy of your money.

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