Tips For Your Day To Keep The Dentist Away

I absolutely despise going to the dentist and I always have, it is for this reason that I work so hard to keep my teeth healthy and my visits to my dentist Peter Spennato DDS to an absolute minimum. I can’t decide what I dislike most, perhaps the smell, the drilling or all of that prodding around, not to mention how much I hate having pain in my teeth, it takes over my whole body. If you feel the same as me and are not the biggest fan of going to the dentist then you need to ensure that you are taking steps to maintain the health of your teeth and here so tips which you can do each day to keep the dentist away.


Regular Brushing


Brushing your teeth just once per day is not enough if you would like to keep your teeth in the best shape, in order to properly clean them you need to at least be cleaning them morning and night. It is important that if possible, after eating during the day, you should also clean your teeth or at least chew chewing gum to keep your teeth free from bacteria. When brushing your teeth you need to ensure that you are dedicating a good bit of time to it and that you are brushing around the entire mouth, the gum line and of course, in between your teeth. Be careful not to brush too hard, your gums are incredibly sensitive and they can but and bleed if you are too rough with them.


Foods and Drinks To Avoid


There are many different types of food and drink which you really ought to avoid if you want to have the healthy teeth possible. If you cannot avoid them then ensure that after drinking or eating, you brush your teeth or chew gum to avoid them staining or damaging your teeth. Alcohol, coffee, black tea and fizzy drinks can all have a damaging effect on your teeth and sugary foods are also known to damage teeth. When sugar passes through your teeth it attaches on to the enamel, when the sugar is removed, it strips the enamel away with it, this is why you should ensure that if you must eat sugary food, that you brush your teeth afterwards.


Regular Check Ups


It might sound a little backwards to say that you should o to see the dentist in order to avoid having to go and see the dentist but getting regular checkups can ensure that any problems which you have can be spotted early. If you don’t go for checkups and a problem occurs, by the time it is caught you may very well need several trips to the dentist in order to fix it. For this reason, heading to your dentist for a 6 monthly checkup is highly recommended.


Oral hygiene is something that many of us forget about until it is too late and our teeth are in pain, follow these simple tips and you will be pain free and you won’t have to go to the dentist any more than is required.

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