Top TV Shows You Should be Watching

Over the last several decades, there have been incredible television shows that have engaged with audiences on a personal level. When we find a show we love, it allows us to go to another place for just a little bit. We become invested in the characters as if they were our neighbors on our street. We mourn losses and cheer on victories. We go to work and to social gatherings and discuss the politics of the show. Newer generations have taken to creating fan fiction as a way to show their love for the show and how they would’ve loved to see it. In order to get the most out of television viewing be sure to check out all DirecTV packages and compare to your local cable company! In the meantime, let’s talk about the most popular shows on the airwaves.

Game of Thrones

We cannot talk about popular shows without mentioning Game of Thrones. GoT is one of the hottest shows hitting television screens every Sunday evening. Why? The short answer is there are numerous intriguing storylines with fantastic character developments. Casting has been spot on and locations for filming have been perfect. This is a smart television show that engages your brain rather than having you sit back and just stare at a screen. You feel emotions for whatever is happening on the screen and GoT has certainly pushed boundaries. Critics have claimed that there has been too much torture and abuse to the female characters, but in the seventh season, we are seeing a massive power shift that involves some women with power and women who are finding their power.

Doctor Who

If you aren’t in the know, Doctor Who has been around for 50 years! Of course, there have been new actors and actresses in that time and there was a break from 1989 to 1996. Announcements are now made and fans usually show excitement, or disdain, for the choice. It’s become a part of the franchise and has historically made it a part of the viewing enjoyment. This is another show that requires intelligence and brain power with the audience. Science, mystery, and a sense of an adventure with minimal violence are a perfect matchup for anyone wanting to get away from their mundane world for just a bit. This year they have decided to change things up and recently announced that a woman, Jodie Whittaker, will become the new Doctor. While there has been “outrage” at the thought of a woman at the helm of the Tardis, we welcome her and think she will do a fantastic job at fulfilling her shoes!

American Horror Story

American Horror Story first hit the airwaves in 2011 and has certainly made its mark with their unusual and original ideas. Most of us love a good horror story and they know how to do it well. Even better is that each season is a new story with a new plot and new setting. They use a central cast of actors and have added some big names to that cast over the years. While this may not work for other shows, they have found a way to make it work for them so that they can continue to be relevant and important in our television viewing lives.

How we watch television has changed drastically over the years. Television shows have to know how to adapt to those changes to keep their audience interested and make themselves easily accessible. We will continue to see changes in viewing and changes in keeping the stories interesting and relevant. We cannot wait to see what 2018 will bring us!

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