Tramms Welding – 5 Advantages of Buying a Pontoon Boat

Up here in Kanabec County, Minnesota there s a great boating community and we all love nothing more than heading out on the water of a weekend. Most people that I know around here have a boat and it seems that the pontoon boats are the most popular. I myself also own a pontoon and they are just some simple to use and to own that I just love it. Another reason why most of us have pontoon boats is because we have the wonderful Tramms Welding here, who are the best in the business when it comes to a one-stop shop for your pontoon beats and accessories plus just about any welding needs that you have. We have great water here, solutions for problems and if you aren’t sure what boat to get, here are just 5 advantages of owning a pontoon.


What makes these boats so popular is the huge amount of storage space which they have on board. Many people like to upgrade their pontoons to have a huge number of amenities on top but personally I prefer to pack some clothing and some cases of beer inside the ample storage space.


If you are a beginner then I am more than happy to report to you that these are the perfect boats for those who are just getting started. The pontoon boat is loaded with buoyancy which makes it highly unlikely to flip over, it is also very easy to drive and handle.


When you review how much the insurance costs on different boat types you will see that time and time again the pontoon comes out as one of the cheapest. Pontoon boats are pretty cheap anyway and you can insure them for as little as $30 – $40 per month. The low insurance is what attracts a lot of people to buy the pontoon, and because of the low power which they have, insurance companies are always happy to offer low premiums.


Docking needn’t be a problem when you have a pontoon because they are so easy to drive and easy to station right where you want them. Whether you are backing in, mooring on the side or going in head first, it won’t take you long to master docking in this boat.


Unlike other boats such as ski boats for example, the pontoon offers a timeless design and it is made using very robust materials that mean the pontoon is really a boat for life. Any damage can be easily repaired at low cost and there is no reason why you couldn’t keep a pontoon for at least 50 years, perfect for handing it down through the generations in your family.

The pontoon is a great boat for so many reasons and if you decide to get one you certainly won’t be disappointed.

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