Update Your Home to Live in or Sell

Whether you plan to be in your current home for years or are thinking of selling, updating it is not a bad idea.

By doing updates to your home, you can make it more enjoyable for the time you are there. You also can increase the value of the home if you plan to sell at some point down the road.

So, are updates to your home going to happen anytime soon?

Where Best to Renovate Your Home?

In deciding to renovate your home, here are some possible areas to consider:

  • Bedroom – What homeowner does not like coming home to a comfortable bedroom and a good night’s sleep? That said you could consider a variety of changes in this part of the home. From a complete revamping to some more subtle changes, decide what will make you happy. You might decide that you want to make it darker for when you sleep at night. This can be done by altering the windows and how much light they let in. You may decide to change the walls and carpeting or add hardwood flooring. If you decide to go with something a little easier and less expensive, a new bed may do the trick. Find what makes it easiest for you to relax in this all-important part of the home.
  • Living room – Given all the time many spend in their living rooms, this is another popular area to change up. You may want to expand the living space if at all possible. You might also decide the wallpaper or paint has to go. Are you in favor of hardwood floors instead of standard carpeting? Do you have plans for an entertainment center area in your living room? If you have many options, give them all consideration.
  • Kitchen – This is also a heavily trafficked area of homes. As such, changes may be in order here too. From more space for cabinetry and cooking to more seating area, take time to decide what is best.
  • Doors and windows – Although they are not rooms, doors and windows should get a review. That said do you have sliding doors in your home? If not, now may be the time to opt for them. Such doors mean a good look, easy to open and close maneuverability and controlling temps. These doors could be a great addition to your living room, family room, bedroom, kitchen and more. When it comes to your home’s windows, these also should get reviewed by you. You may be at a point where you want to replace some of them. You might also be thinking of adding a window or two in the home to bring in more views and light.
  • Garage – Last, do you have a garage attached to your home or built in? If so, what are you using it for? Most homeowners use their garages for their vehicles. Some use them for storage. You might think about turning your garage into an office area or even an extra bedroom. Doing so could add value to your home when you go to sell.

If your home needs revamping, what area will you target first?



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