Wet and Dry Saunas – Understanding the Difference

If you would like to construct a sauna in your home, there are a number of things that you have to take into consideration, long before you even start. One of the main considerations is the type of sauna you will require, with the options of either a dry sauna or a wet sauna. The sauna heater you choose will also depend on that type. Both types of saunas have their own benefits, so understanding the difference between the two is a good starting point.

Heaters and Types of Saunas

If your sauna heater is a modern electric stove or a wood burning stove, then your sauna can be either wet or dry. It all depends on the humidity and the temperature. Generally speaking, a wet sauna is also known as a steam sauna. Usually, you will find that there is a heater with some volcanic rocks, and these rocks are heated up. The difference is that in a dry sauna, all the heat is generated simply from the rocks. With a wet sauna, by contrast, water is splashed onto the hot rocks, which then evaporates and turns to steam, making it a wet sauna.

If you are using a wet sauna, you will quickly begin to sweat. This means lots of toxins exit your body. Some evidence exists to suggest that regularly using a wet sauna can help protect you against certain illnesses. This is because many viruses cannot survive in the heat and humidity of a wet sauna.

Dry saunas, meanwhile, help to relieve stress and tension, help the skin rejuvenate through sweating, and stimulate blood circulation. Dry saunas also make you sweat, which means some of the benefits of the wet sauna are also found in the dry sauna. However, most people find that a dry sauna is a lot more comfortable, because they can easily tolerate the heat. As a result of this, the results tend to be noticeable more quickly. There is still a lot of humidity present in a dry sauna because people sweat in order to cool their body down. The result of this is that toxins still leave the body, just as they do in a wet sauna. However, some believe that dry heat saunas are not as effective because you need to spend a lot longer inside the sauna in order to reap those benefits. While it is certainly true that the temperature is a lot more tolerable and it is therefore possible to stay in the sauna longer, most people simply don’t do it.

It is up to you to decide whether you want a wet sauna or a dry sauna. Either way, spend some time doing research about the pros and cons of both options, and what it means in terms of how you should use your sauna. Make sure that you follow all the relevant instructions so that you use the sauna properly. In so doing, you will be able to enjoy it more, and enjoy more benefits as well.

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