What Football Lovers Can Do in the Off Season

Are you feeling it yet? That end of football season hangover? You don’t need to be down because we are here with some ideas that will keep you rested and mentally ready for the new season before it starts. You know there is always life after the season ends.

Regular TV

Face it, during football season, everything else on TV takes a backseat. That is just a fact of life. When the games are on, it doesn’t matter what else is on, the TV will be tuned to the game. This means that in the off season, you can spend some time catching up on all that you might have missed during the season. It is easy when you get DIRECTV local channels. Also, when you have the DVR option, you can watch whatever you want to watch on your own schedule, which makes watching TV that much more fun and easy.

NFL Free Agency

Ok, so the season itself hasn’t started yet, but the NFL league year is already under way. This means that the free agency season has also started. Basically, what this is, is the first chance that NFL teams have to work on improving their rosters from last year. Generally, the first wave of the signings for free agents typically will revolve around those Pro Bowl, big name caliber players who will be offered the chance to sign massive, multi-year contracts. Once that part is over, teams will be able to use the free agency period to sort of fill in any gaps with veterans of the game who are more reasonably priced before moving on to the NFL draft. For any die hard football fans, this can be quite an exciting time of year. Especially if you play fantasy football.

NFL Combine

This part of the NFL Draft happens in February every year. It is a showcase of athletes who attend only by invitation and it lasts for a week. These are college athletes who are looking to break into the NFL. These athletes perform a variety of mental and physical tests in front of all sorts of people who include scouts, general managers, and coaches from the NFL. This is also a great place to see the latest and greatest rookies to the NFL and possibly scout them for fantasy football.

Speaking of Fantasy Football

You might want to use your off-season wisely and create your very own fantasy football league. This is easy to do. Just round up your friends, family, and coworkers and start your own league. These are simple to put together and it will give you something constructive to do while you are waiting for the new season to start. Once the beginning of the season is upon us, you will be glad you started your own league. Word to the wise, though, if you plan to be the commissioner of the league, be advised that this can be a job that is pretty much thankless. Be sure that you create rules for the league that are well defined and ensure that they are clearly communicated to all participants.

Research Rookies

There are nearly always a couple of rookies who will make a dramatic and instant impact when it comes to fantasy football… the NFL too. Unless you happen to be in a keeper league, you can usually pick these rookies up in the later rounds. In reality, these players can be fantasy football gold. All you need to do is a bit of research and preparing. There are all kinds of team and scouting reports that are more than worth glancing over. Aside from those, preseason games and mini camps can also be a good way to see how they perform at the pro level.

Get Into It

There is more to football than just watching it. There are summer leagues all over the place that you can actually play in. This is a great way to have fun, make some new friends, and share your love of the game. Just make sure that you use your sunscreen whenever you are on the field and have a lot of fun!


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