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What to do on your vacation to Big Bear and your stay at Five Star Vacation Rentals

Considering a family vacation in Big Bear California well look no further than the properties provided by Kevin and Maria Cobb and their rentals at Five Star Vacation Rentals. Their business showcases beautiful premium properties which pay attention to every detail and they need to be seen to be believed. Chill in the pool or spa, play pool or ping pong with the children whilst you are cooking on the barbecue. If there is anything you need give Kevin and Maria Cobb of Newport Beach a call and they will offer immediate assistance. If you need to know any more check out all of the fabulous reviews and five-star ratings that their rentals have received online and see how they have contributed to some first-class vacations.

As well as chilling in one of the phenomenal rental properties offered by their business Five Star Vacation Rentals, what else can you do in Big Bear you may ask. Well the answer is too much to mention and also in all seasons, from skiing in the Winter to Kayaking in the Summer months. In this article we will focus on what you can do with the children on your vacation to Big Bear. Why not visit the Big Bear Discover Center where you can visit the visitors’ center and find out about the animals in the area including how to avoid or deal with grizzly bears! They may be holding one of their informative or entertaining fun days throughout your stay so check them online, on the Wifi provided by Kevin and Maria Cobb in your property rental and make sure you go on the best day.

Continuing your animal theme why not pop into the Big Bear Alpine Zoo where you can see black bears, arctic foxes, bald eagles and other animals which are native to the Big Bear area. Why not hire bikes and make your way through the San Bernadino Mountains? There are simple routes and more complex ones to suit all abilities. They offer the most stunning views which really will take your breath away. One of the most impressive trails is the Castle Rock Hike because it is one of the simpler ones which still offers fantastic panoramic views of the area.

You could easily spend a few fun days at Big Bear Lake where you can participate in lots of water sports and activities, kayaking and jet skiing or simply hiring a boat for the afternoon. The children may also love to try their hand at fishing in the lake where you can easily catch trout, catfish or bass.

Then as you return to the beautiful Five Star Rental Property that you know is amazing as you have checked online and read the excellent ratings and reviews. You can relax and enjoy your evening with the children who can connect to the Wi-Fi, as usual or you can relax in the spa or jacuzzi, have a barbecue or play ping pong. Well after such an amazing family holiday what can you do next year you may ask? Well why not have a vacation at a Five Star Rental Property in La Quinta or Mammoth and enjoy it all over again.


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