What’s Distracting You at Work?

Ever get the feeling as if you can’t concentrate at work?

For millions of people, this is in fact a real issue. Whether they work from an office space, while out on the road, or home distractions can pile up. When this ends up happening, their work performance tends to suffer.

There are steps you can take to tone down the distractions on a daily basis while trying to get your work done.

Though some steps are pretty much commonsense, others are a little more involved.

So, are you ready to stop the distractions in your daily work life?

Getting Your Work Done Isn’t All That Hard

In order for you to do your daily work goals, keep the following pointers in mind:

  1. Commonsense

As mentioned, some work goals are commonsense.

For instance, most employers offer a pair of work breaks during the day.

Whether five or 15 minutes; don’t allow these work stoppages to become the norm every hour. In doing so, you interrupt the flow of the work day. There is plenty of time on a lunch break to get caught up with co-workers or things in your personal life.

Taking too many breaks also runs you the risk of falling out of favor with your employer.

Even though it is not your employer’s job to babysit you, many companies do keep an eye on unwarranted breaks.

  1. Computer

While millions need computers to do their jobs daily, some end up using the computer for more than work.

In turn, it can be difficult to stay focused on the main task at hand which of course is your work. Limit non-work communications such as personal emails or Internet surfing to break times.

Also do your best to go about cutting down on online communications that are of little value to you.

A good example of this is all the spam you likely get on your work computer. Most of it will come in the forms of emails.

While some email communications go right to your spam folder, others do not. Instead of taking the time to read each and then delete them, have a period of the work week to delete them all at one time. Often, Friday afternoon would be a good time to go in and tend to such needs.

No, you don’t want to let some 300 emails add up by week’s end.

Look around for email tools that will help you separate the worthwhile emails from the junk. You should be able to focus on what needs your immediate attention and what can wait. This saves you time and ultimately money for the company you call home.

  1. Searches

There will be times when you need your computer for work-related searches.

Instead of swinging for the fences when online, use a little of that before noted commonsense. Do this before starting an online search on Google or another search engine.

An example is if you are the chief financial officer, tasked with finding vehicles.

Although you may consider buying from a dealer, there are deals out there with a little research. You might come across one or more vehicles online, but you need more info about them.

In conducting a license plate search on vehicles, you learn about specific vehicles. As such, you can report to the head of the company about buying some of these vehicles.

Once again, having a game plan will cut down on the distractions that can come up when on the worldwide web.

So, is it time you cut down on work distractions and made your days a tad more productive?





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