Where Can You Try Out Contact Lenses in Fort Myers?

Let’s face it no one really wants to wear glasses, they can be a pain at times, when its raining they end up wet, if you’re exercising they steam up, or they can’t be worn for safety purposes. Some glasses look great but they still have frames which compromise your all round vision, and get uncomfortable on your face at times, keep slipping down your nose. So you may be considering contact lenses, where can you try out contact lenses in Fort Myers?

Where to Trial Contact Lenses in Fort Myers

You may think that contact lenses is a big commitment, you have to buy an expensive pair which needs a lot of cleaning, or you may have heard about daily disposable lenses which can be discarded after they have been worn once. But that’s a big commitment to by several months supply of these. However, some opticians are now providing short trial periods so that you can try out contact lenses and see if you like them before you commit to a longer term expense. By try them you will find out what the advantages are of contact lenses over glasses, and you will also alleviate some of your fears and concerns about contact lenses that you currently have.

The Advantages of Contact Lenses

The first thing to consider about contact lenses is that they have no frame and they sit directly on your eye, so unlike glasses you have a full field of vision which is corrected to standard vision from your usual poor eye sight so suddenly you can see everything very clearly without a frame or greasy lenses in the way. This makes a big difference for example when you’re driving at night time, or you are out in the countryside looking at the beautiful scenery.

Lack of frames also means you have no danger of damage or loss, as you do with glasses. Have you tried kissing with glasses on, or playing any type of sport or activity. Glasses get in the way, they steam up, get knocked off, reduce your peripheral vision, and can be a danger to you if in a contact sport they were impacted. Lenses on the other hand are contacted to your eye so they are much better for activity and exercise. They don’t encumber your participation, but in fact they aid it because suddenly your eye sight is much better, you can see your team mates all around the field, you can see the ball from a greater distance and you aren’t concerned about your glasses getting knocked off or damaged any more.

The other issues glasses wearers often have to contend with is weather. Going from a cold outdoors into a warm car often ends up in steamed up glasses. Walking in the rain means you have to take off your glasses before they are covered in raindrops. So lenses don’t get affected by weather conditions, they aren’t affected by sweat, rain, or steam.

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