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Who Really Uses Christmas Party Invitations Anymore?

So it is the end of the year. It’s time to start thinking about whether you should throw another Christmas Party this year. If you are like many folks I know, you are somewhere between wanting the fun of actually being at a party and not really wanting the work that goes into putting one together. Face it, in today’s modern age you could tweet it out to your “peeps” and post it on Facebook and most of your friends will probably show up. But then you do that most Friday nights, how can you make this party different?

Actually Invite People

Strange as it might sound, for many people getting a for real invitation to a party makes it almost impossible to say no.

We all live in such a casual age that anyone who takes the time to create a Christmas Party Invitation has got to be willing to make it worth checking out. So if you want everyone to come, you gotta start by sending out a real honest-to-goodness invitation. Trust me on this one.


Make Sure You Have Food

Don’t do a potluck, actually feed your friends. It might be something as simple as cooking up a pot of chili or you could order one of those deli trays from the grocery store. Whatever you do, do not think you can call it a party if you don’t have food on hand. People are hungry and if you don’t put something out they just may start opening cupboards and trashing your kitchen. Don’t give them that option; buy some food for the party.

Stock the Bar With What They Like

If your friends are happy with beer, then make sure that is what you got. If you invited some gals that you know like cocktails, make sure you have what it takes to make them. Know that having a bar of vodka when none of your friends drink it is a sure fire way for everyone to leave early to find a bar.

Plan the Tunes

These days you can hook your computer up with some steaming service to make sure your party has some great tunes. If you subscribe to a service that lets you make up play lists, creating a party list can be a lot of fun in the weeks before the party. Play DJ and make a list your friends will want to dance to, and you have a real party on your hands.

So go out there and make some plans this Christmas! Party down with your friends and remember what the spirit of Christmas is all about. It is the love you share amongst you. Peace out!

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