Why Clients Are So Happy With Interdependence PR

Before we began working with Interdependence PR we had already heard many great things about this company and those reviews were the reason why we were so keen to work with them. This was two years ago and since then the team at Interdependence have shown us that we were right to listen to all of those clients who spoke so highly about the team. Public relations companies vary a great deal and that is why it is so important that businesses must ensure that they invest time into finding the perfect fit for their business. We have found that Interdependence have been just what our business needed and here is exactly why so many clients, including us, speak so highly of this public relations company.


Customer Service


There is something very reassuring about being treated like an important customer and this is something which we have certainly experienced from Interdependence. We are sure that they have some client who spend more money than we do or who operate on a larger scale than us, but this has never prevented the team from making us feel like their most important customer. If a team can deliver high quality customer service, they can make you feel like they can deliver on your ambitions.




Interdependence is a well established PR company with years of experience, which can give you peace of mind that you are in safe hands. What the company does brilliantly is to blend that rich experience which they have, with younger and more ‘on the pulse’ members of the team, to create the perfect synergy within the world of public relations. The experience brings with it the know-how when it comes to strategizing and the list of contacts which the team has, and the youth bring a hunger and a more in-depth knowledge about the current day and ways ini hick we can sue things such as digital marketing and social media as a tool.




Whether you are looking for crisis management, building a reputation or launching a product, you have to be creative in the way that you do this. Interdependence are absolute specialists in this field and they are constantly looking at new ways of working which can better help the client. Some PR firms which have been around as long as Interdependence have often revert back to tried and trusted methods, but that doesn’t work in today’s competitive world and the only way to really cut through with any campaign which you have, is to get as creative as possible.




The biggest reason why so many people speak highly about Interdependence is that they deliver results, the number one focus for any business wishing to use these services. We saw results in no time at all and within the first 2 months of working with the team, we discovered that we had indeed made the perfect choice in recruiting Interdependence to be our PR company.

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