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Why Lavish Lashes Offers the Best Lash Extension Training in 2019

Every woman out there wants full, thick, and stunning lashes that don’t require 3 coats of mascara each day. Luckily for women around the world, eyelash extensions are becoming more popular. This service is becoming a staple within salons everywhere. You can flaunt your beautiful eyelashes within hours of calling a salon near you and making an appointment.


Getting into the business of eyelash extension is more lucrative than you would think. Like we just said, what woman does not want voluptuous eyelashes to bat all day long? If you become trained in eyelash extension, chances are you’ll remain busy for the rest of your career. Not only is eyelash extension in high demand, you’ll feel fulfilled when you help to build confidence in your clients.


Hoping to become trained in eyelash extension soon? Here is why you should consider investing in the best lash extension training program offered by Lavish Lashes.


Lavish Lashes offers a variety of training options


When you visit the Lavish Lashes homepage, you’ll see that there are tons of training options to choose from. No matter where you see yourself in the world of eyelash extension, Lavish can help you get there. Here are the top training programs offered at Lavish Lashes and the current prices:

  • One Day Basic Certification – $595
  • Two Day Basic Certification – $1,195
  • Advanced Comprehension Course – $600
  • Advanced Comprehension & Conversion Certification Course – $895


These are just a few of the training courses offered at Lavish. No matter which course you choose, you can be sure to receive some of the best training in eyelash extension.


They use only the best products to train with


Whether you are visiting Lavish Lashes as a client or you have invested in a training program with them, they use only the best lash products on the market. During training classes, you’ll get the chance to test out a variety of eyelash extension kits, eyebrow extension kits, application tools, infection control products, and a variety of eye care tools and products. You’ll become well-versed in tons of products offered by the most popular brands on the market.


The team at Lavish Lashes will go above and beyond to prepare you for lash extension


There are certain requirements involved in each training program, but Lavish Lashes doesn’t stop training once you’ve met those requirements. They go above and beyond to ensure that you’re more than prepared to start taking on clients. They’ll assess everything from your physical abilities to your attitude and make sure you are fully prepared before handing over your certification.


Trainees from the past have raved about working with the team members at Lavish


Anyone who has trained with Lavish Lashes says only good things about investing in a training course from this company. When you visit the website you can actually see the handwritten reviews and testimonials left by students from the past. This gives you an insight into what Lavish is all about and what you can gain from one of their training programs.






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