Why Towers Are the Best on Construction Sites

Scaffolding itself is nothing new. However, in recent years, scaffolding towers have started to appear, and they are becoming very popular indeed. Traditionally, scaffolding was a highly complex process that required a team of qualified people to build it up. The structures had to be erected using many different parts. It is perhaps no surprise, therefore, that many scaffolding accidents have also happened, many of which were fatal. As a result, a range of organizations and institutions have been started to regulate the industry.

Sometimes, however, scaffolding constructions were nothing short of overkill. If someone wanted to improve their own property, or if a small job needed to be done at a height, it would simply be too complex to have an entire structure set up. It would also be much too costly and take up too much time. Unsurprisingly, therefore, the scaffolding tower has become hugely popular.

Five Advantages to the Scaffolding Tower

Compared to the traditional scaffolding tower using poles and boards, the scaffolding tower has five main advantages:

  1. It only requires on person to assemble the tower. Even if it goes as high up as 30ft or more, a single person could erect it in just a few hours. All they need to do is fit the different parts together.
  2. The components are really light weight. This is one of the reasons why it only requires a single person to set the tower up. Furthermore, it has made it a lot easier for people to transport the tower. Because the frame no longer uses galvanized steel, it can even be transported in the boot of a vehicle.
  3. It can be set up very quickly. Traditional scaffolding constructions would take hours to set up, and they were very much prone to errors because there were so many calculations to make. With a scaffolding tower, however, it takes just a few hours to set it up, and it will be set up right as well.
  4. The material is non-corrosive. Most scaffolding towers are created from aluminum, which is why they are so light weight as well. Hence, it is more likely that it will simply wear out through regular wear and tear than that it will rot. As such, it is a fantastic investment that you can use again and again over the years.
  5. You don’t need any kind of specialist knowledge. When you purchase your tower, there will be a comprehensive instruction manual that demonstrates how to set it up. You cannot set it up incorrectly, as it will only piece together correctly. Plus, you will usually get adjustable legs as well, which means that you can even set the tower up if the ground isn’t perfectly level.

While scaffolding towers are a fantastic invention that have made many people’s lives a lot easier, it is important that you engage in the proper safety procedures once you use the tower. After all, you will be working at heights.

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