Why you Are Never Too Old For Travel

Each summer for the last three years, my buddy Yigang Tang and myself have spent between 2 and 3 weeks traveling around the USA. I love to explore this great nation and each trip we have taken has been entirely different from the one before, such is the variety which we have here. Last year when I got back from my trip, I was chatting to a work colleague who passed a comment which infuriated me, he said that he was too old to go traveling.


I believe that the reason why my colleague thought this, is because of the page which traveling gets in society, and here is just a few reasons why it is never, ever too late to hit the road.




When young people go off backpacking, it is for a trip that has 3 purposes, the first is personal growth, the second is exploration and invariably, the third is to have a great time and go partying. Unfortunately, we have arrived at a place where many people think that going backpacking when you are 50 means that you are having a crisis of some kind, this is because they think about the young travelers, rather than the benefits which older travelers can enjoy.




The older and more sage that you are, the more that you will enjoy the learning experience which travel can offer you. For example I really don’t enjoy going to museums, and when it comes to ruins, I kind of feel like if you have seen one, you’ve seen them all. In spite of this opinion which I have now in my 30s, I know for a fact that once I reach my older years, I will likely really enjoy the museum experience and I will be far more keen on learning about the history of different places.




It is no secret that the majority of the older generation are in a far better financial position than younger people, and that is perfect for going traveling. Whistle there is a certain romance and excitement about traveling when you are potless, it is actually a far better experience to go traveling when you have some cash on the hip, and you don’t need to feel stressed or worried about your lack of finances.




It has actually been scientifically proven that those who travel, live longer and are in better physical condition. This is anoretic aspect of why I hate the view of being ‘too old’ for travel, what else does society want older people to do, stay at home watching TV?? Going traveling means that you are getting active, you will walk a great deal when you are traveling and the process of actively traveling rather than sitting on a beach for 2 weeks, will give you many more opportunities to get the muscles moving and the blood pumping.


Don’t listen to what anyone says, it is never too late to travel.

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