Why You Should Own More than One Dog

Dogs are called “man’s (and woman’s) best friend”, because of the unique role they play in the lives of humans. When we own a dog it become s a family member and an integral part of our family unit. In many instances people look at their dogs as their kids that they must care for and shepherd through their lives. Dogs being joy and comfort to their owners and fill a role that is powerful in their lives.

With this thought in mind, you might be thinking, that if one four-legged friend brings so much to your life, surely more than one can bring even more. There are proven benefits to having more than one dog and we will list them here in case you are thinking of adding another canine member to your family.

More Fun for the Family

Owning a dog is a lot of fun because they love to play with you and the kids. When you have more than one dog, the fun only increases. You can create games that allow them to show their individual character and get some good exercise as well. You can also put them in cool and cute outfits like these from Wooflink and allow them to show their personalities and be unique. All in all, the amount of fun you can have with several dogs surpasses what you can have with any other animal.

More Companionship for the Family

Dogs provide a great degree of companionship to their owners. They are recognized as excelling at this are and it is one of the first reasons someone buys a dog. When you have moer than one dog you increase the amount of companionship you will receive by two or more times. When there is more than one dog a family usually has its favorites and each dog ends up closer to one family member or another. So everyone can share in the comforting when you have one than one dog.

Cats and dogs can be loyal friends. They have a special way of comforting you and bringing a smile to your face, even when you’re not in the best mood. They keep you company, play with you, snuggle you and make you laugh. Multiple pets mean more soft fur to run your hands through and more companionship, even when one of your fuzzy buddies is off on her own.

They Can Comfort Each Other

Dogs are not only great at comforting humans, they are also great at comforting each other. When you have two or more dogs, they can play together, and spend all their time around each other. Research has shown that when you have two dogs there is typically fewer behavioral problems and less boredom by the dogs. So during those times that you and your family cannot spend time with the dog they will always have a friend to be there for them. Be aware though that not all dogs get along well together and you must set up opportunities to test if the animals bond well before you put them together permanently.

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