Women Over 45 Reveal Their 10 Greatest Celebrity Fashion Icons

Bonmarche, a popular fashion retailer in the United Kingdom, targets women over the age of 45. They have completed a study to look at which celebrity style icons were the greatest inspiration for their target demographic. Across all age groups and all of the countries of the UK, Helen Mirren, Jennifer Anniston, Meryl Streep, and Joanna Lumley were clearly women to look up to, hailed for their style, beautiful hair, and healthy living habits.

No matter how old a woman gets, she always wants to look good. This was something that UK fashion retailer Bonmarche has recently decided to delve slightly deeper in, wanting to find out which celebrity women were inspirations for their target demographic, which is women aged over 45. To achieve this, they completed a study polling a cross-section of women over the age of 45 from all over the country.

The study revealed that:

  1. Helen Mirren was the inspiration for 19.2% of women.
  2. Jennifer Anniston was the inspiration for 16.3% of women.
  3. Meryl Streep was the inspiration for 14.5% of women.
  4. Joanna Lumley was the inspiration for 13.5% of women.
  5. Nicole Kidman was the inspiration for 10.3% of women.
  6. Elle McPherson was the inspiration for 10% of women.
  7. Julie Walters was the inspiration for 8.1% of women.
  8. Jane McDonald was the inspiration for 5.9% of women.
  9. Salma Hayek was the inspiration for 5.4% of women.
  10. Ruth Langsford was the inspiration for 4.8% of women.

As part of the research, Bonmarche also wanted to see whether there were differences between the different age groups, and between geographical locations. For women aged between 45 and 54, there was no change with the average. The top two women in this age group and reasons why were:

  1. Helen Mirren, cited by 19.2% of women and loved for her sophisticated style.
  2. Jennifer Anniston, cited by 16.3% of women and loved for her beautiful hair and tan, and her healthy living habits.

In the age group of 55 to 64, however, there was a slight change in terms of who women looked up to:

  1. 20% of women saw Helen Mirren as their greatest inspiration, a slight rise.
  2. Jennifer Anniston stayed in second place.
  3. 5% of women were inspired by Meryl Streep.
  4. 5% of women were inspired by Joanna Lumley.

For women over the age of 65, Helen Mirren was placed first by 28.4% of women, far more than in any other age category. Second and third place were taken up by Meryl Streep and Joanna Lumley, with Jennifer Anniston dropping to fourth for the first time.

According to the online marketing manager for Bonmarche: “As women grow older, their tastes and influences change, but one thing remains constant: a desire to look great”.

Meanwhile, it seemed that only in the age of 65 and over was there a significant difference in terms of which woman was a style icon and geographical location. In Scotland, 27.8% of women over 65 see Jennifer Anniston as their greatest fashion muse, due to her youthful appearance.

The information will be used by the fashion retailer to ensure they deliver the clothes that their audience actually looks for. All women in the top 10 list are undeniably beautiful and fashionable, each having their own style. Meryl Street and Helen Mirren are known for their sophistication, while Jennifer Anniston and Elle McPherson are loved for their more approachable style. All these women look beautiful, but they also look after themselves and their health, which is equally inspiring.

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