3 Ways to Improve a School District Immediately

Education is more than just a keyword for politicians to throw out when they want to get elected. Everyone knows that the world of education can and must be improved, but very few people are offering up easy-to-follow ways to do it. You can tell a lot about your society by how well they educate their children. Here are three ways to improve how your current school district is operating.


Why Is Everything So Expensive?

You often hear about how schools just don’t have the money to improve upon what they currently are doing now. This isn’t entirely true. Just like any other budget, you have to appropriate the funds correctly. All of us operate our budgets to cover our home expenses and other bills, but for some reason, the government and school districts don’t always operate this way. Instead of having a Superintendent, Principal, Vice Principal, and Dean of Students at the schools, you can easily eliminate at least one of those positions. And there are many other ways to save money as well if they truly wanted to.


Create Additional Income

Public schools mainly rely on government “handouts” to keep their districts running. These amount of these funds are determined by the student population, income level, location, and how well the students are doing on their national exams. Rather than just living off of these funds, the school should consider other options for income.


There is usually a small fee (perhaps $75 to $100) every parent has to pay to school when they enroll their child for the year. If you have a student population of 1,000 kids and each is having to pay $90, you have an additional $90,000 coming in the door. However, getting your child an education for $90 a year really is just too small of a fee. You would have to spend $90 for three days of babysitting out in the real world. Instead, charge each family $500 for each kid they enroll every year. It will probably be a tax write off as well. But by doing so, you could have an additional $500,000 every year.


Invest in Technology

The days of 20 pound textbooks that are ten years out of date are over. There are free educational textbooks online nowadays. One textbook can cost a school a few hundred dollars. By going completely online in all subjects, you are saving millions of dollars over time. If you are not sure if your district can handle the IT associated with it, it’s better to contact a specialized company in managed IT services that can lead the way.


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