4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Translation Services

These days, we live in a society that is more interconnected on a global scale than ever before. Chances are, you no longer exclusively serve customers that live within your own country — and even if you do, it’s quite likely that many of those “domestic” customers actually speak several different languages! Because of this, utilizing translation services for your business has never been more vital for your long-term success.


Here’s a closer look at just a few of the top reasons why translation services are more important than ever in today’s business climate.


1.    Promoting Brand Awareness


How often do you pay close attention to messages that are given in a language you don’t understand? Regardless of whether you plan on expanding into an overseas market or your service an area with a multilingual population, you can’t expect all of your potential customers to respond to your marketing efforts if you only communicate in English.


People like it when you are able to speak to them in their native language. It shows that you are attentive to their interests and needs. As a business, it shows that you will be able to provide better service that actually addresses any problems or concerns they might have. As you serve your customers in their native language, satisfaction with your services will increase, resulting in improved retention and growth.


2.    Looking Toward the Future


Even if your brand doesn’t currently serve an international audience, this could very well be a part of your company’s five-year plan. As part of your planned growth, it is important to consider which new audiences could become part of your target demographic. Expanding to new demographics often results in new languages being spoken by your customers. Shifting local demographics could also require that your company address these changes in order to stay relevant.


A proactive approach in acquiring translation services and translating your business materials will help you be better prepared for these future growth opportunities. It could even help you get jump-started on future campaigns!


3.    Avoiding Miscommunications


Though it is great to attempt to translate your brand’s messages into other languages, there’s no denying that there is a great risk for miscommunication. The last thing you need are the types of debacles other major brands have experienced when going overseas. In China, KFC’s marketing team famously mistranslated the brand’s slogan to a phrase that essentially meant “We’ll eat your finger” — certainly not a message that would create good feelings for the brand.


If you wish to avoid such mishaps for your own brand, it is clear that you can’t leave translation efforts to amateurs. Enlisting the help of a professional who understands the nuances of both your own language and the language, you wish to translate to will ensure that key messages aren’t misinterpreted. Avoiding such translation mistakes could very well make or break your success as you try to reach a new demographic.


4.    Avoiding Legal Issues


Whether expanding to an overseas market or translating your terms and conditions to a new language, even a tiny change in wording can make a big difference on legal documents. Once again, hiring a trained translation expert is essential for avoiding slip-ups and misunderstandings. With accurate interpretation and translation of any legal documents relevant to your business’s proceedings, you can have greater confidence as you expand your company.

Communicate With Everyone


Ultimately, using translation services for your business will allow you to effortlessly share your brand’s messages with consumers around the globe. When you can speak the language of your customers, you’ll be far better positioned to make a positive impression and grow your business. As you ensure your company can communicate effectively with all potential customers, you’ll be able to grow like never before.

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