5 ways to speed up recovery after exercise

Any fitness trainer will tell you that your rest and recovery are just as important aspects of working out just as much as your exercise routine. Your resting period after you workout is key to how efficient you can be when you’re training in the gym and will have a big impact on your overall performance. It will help your muscle tissue to rebuild and provide you with the required rest needed to get optimum performance from your next work out. Yet, many people who train don’t have a set plan that includes their recovery period.

There are various ways you can recover and below highlights some methods.

Replace fluids lost during workouts

Your body will naturally lose fluids as you sweat during your workouts. This can make the body extremely dehydrated, which can lead to fatigue. This makes it extremely important that you replace the fluids you’ve lost during your workouts. Water is advised to take during your workouts as it supports the metabolic functions in the body.

Sleep more

Sleep is key for helping your body to recover and to regain your energy for the next day. If you’re working out on a regular basis then it’s important that you get enough sleep in order for your body to replenish. Growth hormones are produced during sleep. These are responsible for tissue repair and muscle growth which would have been depleted during your workouts. Feeling tired after a workout is a good indication that your body needs rest.

Don’t overtrain

To keep on top of your exercises and saving your body from overtraining, outline a workout plan to follow during your sessions. Continuous heavy lifting and lack of rest days can strain your body massively and affect your muscle gains. The best thing to do is listen to your body and if it’s feeling tired or you’re feeling sore, you’ll need to rest and decrease your performance as it could lead to training injury.

Obtain the right vitamins and minerals

You can’t train your way out of a poor diet. This is what many health experts and personal trainers are likely to tell you. Your body requires the right nutrients and minerals to help you get the best workouts and then aid your recovery. Therefore, ensure you’re eating well through a balanced diet and watch your results grow.

If you find it difficult to eat a balanced diet naturally, you can always give your health a boost through various supplements. High strength fish oil and probiotic capsules are just a couple of example supplements that can help you during your training.

Stretch after your workout

It’s always important to stretch out your muscles after a workout. This will prevent the possibility of injury and aid your recovery before your next session. If you suffer from DOMS then this is an easy easy way to recover your muscles. There are several stretch routines that you can do which will relax your muscles and keep them healthy moving forward. Here are a few you can try.

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