A Brief History and Some Types of Blinds

There are many different types of blinds out there, using various materials and being presented in a range of colors. They also have a range of different uses, including privacy, light control and insulation. Interestingly, blinds are a very ancient invention. Let’s take a look at some of the history that we know in terms of blinds.

History of Blinds

It is known that desert people used to cover their windows using wet cloths. This would help keep the dwelling cool and stop the sun from coming in. Ancient Chinese and Egyptian cultures used blinds to create a sense of privacy.

In Egypt, archeological evidence has shown that blinds were made from reed, whereas the Chinese used bamboo. Today, bamboo is still being used in order to make blinds. This practice is very common in Asian countries, and it is also becoming a popular fashion accessory in western cultures.

Venetian blinds are believed to have originated in Persia. When Venetian traders traveled through the Persian Empire, they noticed how these people used blinds and they brought some of these with them to Paris and Venice. Interestingly, France and Italy were long credited as being the countries in which blinds were invented, which is obviously not true.

In the 1950s, it was common to see Venetian blinds made out of metal slats, usually of 2 inches in width. These would be held together using strips of fabric. These strips allow the blinds to be lowered and raised, plus they make it possible for the slats to be tilted. During these years, these blinds were known as ‘new’ blinds. However, they didn’t really take up in popularity because they were very noisy and not very pretty to look at. Yet, they stayed virtually the same until the 1980s, at which point vinyl slats started to replace the metal slats. Vinyl slats were much easier to manufacture as well as being less noisy and allowing more customization options, which is why they quickly become very popular.

Today, the number of different blinds that exist is overwhelming. Indeed, anyone can choose the option that best suits them and then further customize it to their needs.

Some of the Options for Blinds

There are a few types of blinds that are better known and more popular than others. These include:

  • Bamboo blinds, which are beautiful types that are also beneficial to the environment. Bamboo blinds also look great in any type of overall décor.
  • Bali blinds completely block any light. They help to save energy as they are excellent insulators.
  • Roller blinds, which are very efficient and stable. They are very common because they are affordable and easy to customize.
  • Wood blinds, which are crack resistant but they cannot be used in high moisture environments like kitchens or bathrooms.
  • Mini blinds, which are perfect for smaller windows.
  • Vinyl blinds, which are popular in student dorms, for instance, as they are very affordable and because they can be created in funky, fun colors.
  • Vertical blinds, often installed on larger windows as they are excellent insulators.

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