A friend with benefits.

Having a friend like Shane Kersh is brilliant. You always feel you are connected to the wider world through him as he always keeps abreast of events and cultural pursuits. His love of the arts and extensive knowledge of music with a wide range of tastes means he can suggest almost any album for the right mood.

It is to this end that I decided to pick his brain in finding what were the perfect albums to listen to whilst doing a certain task or in a particular situation.


Music to Work to. 

Whether your in the office staring at a screen or decorating a house, Shane Kersh identifies the need to focus on a task whilst allowing the head some mental space to stretch out. “ It’s a balance “ Shane says “ between music thats not too demanding of attention or too repetitive that it might send you to sleep.”
So its with this reason Shane suggests Phillip Glass Violin Concerto Grosso No 5.

Shane Kersh explains the minimal and repetitive nature to Glasses contemporary classical compositions creates a pleasant rhythm that helps set a gentle serene mood whilst focusing on a task without distraction. The warm and melancholic mood of the violin strings spread across a welcome brass time signature allows for a contemplative space to think and focus whilst helping to maintain a relaxed nature to one’s work.


Music to Dance to
Shane Kersh house parties are legendary. Owing to his well maintained music knowledge he is able to provide an exceptional fun filled evening and often gets everyone dancing. So when I asked him what’s the best track to dance to, I was pleasantly surprised he didn’t suggest a typically electronic band.

“Alexander O’Neal’s Criticize is one of the funkiest tracks that instantly makes you move” he offered.
It’s true to!. As we were talking he put it on his phone and as we carried on talking we were both bopping our heads to the chorus line. He also delved into his own theory that some music makes you dance above the hips whilst some tracks make your movements rhythmic to your lower body. He gave a quick demonstration and I have to agree.

Music to Run to.
Of course you can put just about anything on to run to. But as a keen long distance runner, Shane Kersh strongly recommends the exceptional and era defining drum and bass album ‘Timeless’ by Goldie.


“It’s a masterpiece” Shane admits. “ It’s texture and range make each track worthy of a 2k run.” Shane continues. He also explains how the gentle and classical elements that feature above the consistent and familiar drum pattern make it an incredibly suitable track for exercise. The beat keep you in rhythm whilst the soulful vocals or tranquil sounds create a peace that acts as a meditation on the run.

“You can really get lost in that album. Just as long as you don’t get lost running you should be ok” Shane concluded.



Shane Kersh can be followed on Spotify where his weekly playlists are accessible.

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