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AMFund – Why You Should Do More Volunteering

Do you volunteer your time? If the answer is no then don’t feel bad, this piece isn’t abut judging those who don’t, but rather about getting more people on board by showing just how great it can be when you do volunteer. I used to be someone who believed that I didn’t have time to volunteer, the truth was that I always had an hour or two each week which I could’ve spent on this. After  reading about the great work which AMFund, non-profit fundraising company, I decided to lend a hand and I am so glad that I did. There are many reasons why you should do more volunteering and it doesn’t matter whether that is helping once a month with a church fair, supporting your local school, fundraising for a charity or helping in a nursing home, every little helps and here is why, if possible, you should try and give some of your time to help others.


They Depend On It


All the charities and causes which are listed above absolutely depend on volunteers to continue the good work which they do. Thrift shops for example make a lot of money to keep charities going and without the amazing volunteers who give up their time to work in these stores, the charity wouldn’t be able to keep the stores operational, which would see them making far less money. If you have a passion for any community-based project or any charitable cause, just know that without the support of volunteers, the work which they do would be significantly diminished, or they may not be able to even do it all.


Personal Pride


Whilst it should never be the main reason as to why you do volunteer, those who give up their time to help others get the beautiful added bonus of feeling great about themselves. After donating your time to a cause you will feel a sense of great pride, as well you should, as well as a feeling of satisfaction and personal reward. There is nothing wrong at all in feeling this way and to be honest, it is what will keep you going back time and time again.




Volunteering in the community helps to bring everyone closer together, it is a great way to give the community more help and assistance and it can be a great benefit to so many people. Whether it is helping an elderly lady in your community, supporting the school or a religious group, you will be directly helping people to improve their lives. There is also a knock-on effect of this which is that you will then inspire others to volunteer their time to help others, as that will be the example which you have set. Ultimately volunteering starts a chain reaction which serves to help more and more people in the future.


Whether it is a couple of hours per month or a day per week, anything which you can do will be welcomed and will greatly help.

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