Awesome Jobs if Your a Creative Person

Finding the right career path if you’re a creative person can be tough, the jobs that are around for you are more limited than the hands-on types or the thinkers and far too often, creative types opt to ditch their creativity in favor of a job where they might be more successful in getting it. If you are a creative type of person then you should try your best to steer your education and your career path in a route that can maximize your creative abilities. To help you out with what kind of careers are available to you here is a list of some of the most creative positions around.


Becoming a writer has never been easier than right now, the internet has brought with it countless opportunities for budding writers such as freelance writing and blogging. If you want become an author or a journalist then you are going to need a good education which majors in journalism and the media, authors need to be creative, write a great book and network well in order to get the contacts to publish your book. If you want to be a freelance writer however, you just need to get online and visit one of the many sites that can put you in touch with people who need work, once you’ve gained some experience you can make this a full time job and better yet, you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.


If you have a particular musical talent then you can put it to work and choose a career in the music industry. Far too many people think that playing a musical instrument is just a hobby and many people think that you need to have a song on the radio, guitarist Tom Hess agrees that this couldn’t be farther from the truth. In order to succeed in the music industry you will need to have talent, good networking skills and a hard working attitude.


If design and creation is your thing then engineering could be a great future for you, this is a job that is both personally and financially very rewarding that will allow you to flex your creative muscles. There are lots of branches of engineering which you could specialize in defending on your other interests and abilities, you could do anything from civil, computer, chemical, mechanical or even aerospace engineering and all of them will test your creative skills incredibly. In order to be an engineer you will not only need to be creative but also have strong grades in math and the sciences as well as having a hard working approach. At college you will specialize in your engineering course and it will be important that you gan as much experience as you can in your own time through internships and gratis work. Engineering is currently the most popular major in U.S. colleges so there will be a lot of competition for jobs.

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