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Birthday fruit baskets – a modern gift for your dearest one

A basket filled with a variety of fruits classically or traditionally arranged in the form of a bouquet can be a unique birthday gift. Almost everyone loves fruit and it is an ample gift on its own. If presented most extraordinarily with decorative and colourful fruits which are readily available in the market, it might be the best of gifts for a birthday. With all the seasonal fruits in the array, a fruit basket may be decorated with typical fruits like apples, oranges, bananas, grapes, etc. It must be selective and tastefully arranged to please the recipient’s preference. Birthday fruit baskets can serve as a beautiful and healthy gift much better than chocolate baskets to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Contents and Importance

A basket of fruits can be made interesting with a classic combination of cheese, chocolates and fresh fruits. These can be placed in cute looking wicker baskets, tied with a bow.

Creative people can design a basket and fill it with a variety of fresh fruits from the local market. We may use the wicker baskets and curl it up with colorful ribbons and plenty of tissue papers. The basket can be handmade using paper mash or wicker and painted in colors which may compliment the texture of the assorted fruits. We may garnish the basket with chocolates, cookies, crackers, wine and much more. It may be decorated with fresh-cut flowers and anything that might please the recipient, for which we must be aware of our recipient’s personality and penchant. A complete arrangement of the basket resembling a bouquet of flowers is a time-honored tradition that everyone appreciates.


Fruit baskets or bouquets can be customized and designed to suit all ages and people with different fondness. Assorted fruit baskets for the diabetic, vegetarian and non-vegetarian can also be custom made. Common fruit like apples, artichokes, avocados, bananas, cheeses, grapes, litchis, mangoes, oranges, papayas, and pineapples can be used in the bouquet.


Fruit baskets can also be sent as birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, etc. They may also be taken to a house warming party or simply presented as a courteous ‘get-well’ or ‘thank you’ gift or may also suit any other occasion where a small token or gift may be mandatory. Fruit baskets are also sent to clients from a corporate house in appreciation of their performance or a memento to simply thank them for their association. A fruit basket can also be sent as a gesture to offer condolence for a death in the family.

Birthday fruit baskets can be ordered online at reputed online gift delivery stores which can make delivery in almost all parts of UK. We may choose to add a personal message also. Mostly the deliveries are guaranteed and may be delivered on the same day, provided we check the authenticity of the company or an online web portal and check their delivery policy before placing an order. Payment can be made using any bank credit/debit card or we may opt for net banking.

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