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Why It Is Essential to Wear a Wrist Watch

How can something so small as a wristwatch hold such importance in our day to day lives? Decades pass by, and still, a wristwatch is an object and timekeeping gadget which continues to be of great significance in the modern world. A wrist watch is used to keep track of time both during the day and night. You can never run out options when it comes to choosing luxury watches for men. They come in different designs, colours, and models; hence it will not be hard finding your ideal device. Below are Read more [...]

The Top Four Benefits of Made to Measure Suits You should Know about

There was a time when tailor-made suits were considered to be only for the rich and those in the public limelight – but those times are long gone. Such comfort is no longer reserved only for the elite; in fact, it’s now more convenient and economical to have your own made to measure suits than ever without having to go through any effort. The opportunities are knocking. Why, however, would you want made to measure suits? After all, there are plenty of suits you can pick up most anywhere...Why Read more [...]

Women Over 45 Reveal Their 10 Greatest Celebrity Fashion Icons

Bonmarche, a popular fashion retailer in the United Kingdom, targets women over the age of 45. They have completed a study to look at which celebrity style icons were the greatest inspiration for their target demographic. Across all age groups and all of the countries of the UK, Helen Mirren, Jennifer Anniston, Meryl Streep, and Joanna Lumley were clearly women to look up to, hailed for their style, beautiful hair, and healthy living habits. No matter how old a woman gets, she always wants to Read more [...]

4 Things to Consider when Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

Choosing a diamond for an engagement ring is a perfect choice. It is a classic choice and a universal favourite. If you decide to give one to the person you love, it is important that you take several things into consideration first before you buy one. It is quite pricey so you can’t afford to go wrong. Price. Diamond rings are generally expensive. For the person you love, giving something expensive is definitely worth it. Besides, if you hope to be engaged, you want it to end up in a Read more [...]

Fashion for Large Men – 9 Ways to Look Slimmer with the Right Clothes

If you’re shopping for big and tall men’s clothing, then you know that it’s not exactly easy. The task becomes even more difficult if your goal is to look 20 pounds lighter. But there are things you can do to look slim and fashionable at the same time: 1. Wear pointed collars and v-neck tees. Wearing pointed collars (coincidentally it’s considered fashionable nowadays) and v-necks will give the illusion of a thinner neckline and it also draws the attention away from your chin. 2. Don’t Read more [...]
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Rethinking Your Fashion Accessories for the Changing Seasons

The changing of the seasons, such as winter to spring, usually encourages many people (especially women) to shop for new fashion accessories. Many fashionistas will even buy fashion accessories based on runway trends, which means accumulating more and more costume jewelry, cheap trinkets, and discount accessories. But there’s no immediate need to spend money on items that you will eventually throw in the trash. You can rethink, reinvent, and recycle your accessories to match the season. Use Read more [...]

Newbie Guide to Using Fleece Fabric for Sewing

A lot of beginners think that sewing with fleece is difficult but the truth is, it’s actually quite easy. You just need to know the proper techniques so you’ll enjoy working with this versatile fabric. Fleece fabric was introduced in 1979 and is a purely synthetic fabric made of polyester fibers. There are many reasons why it’s very popular. First of all, fleece is affordable. It’s also warm, it has excellent insulating properties and it’s very soft. Care and maintenance of fleece Read more [...]
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How to Look Elegant in Stunning Evening Dresses

Are you trying to find the right dress for that special event? Evening dresses come in all shades and styles, and hunting for one can be overwhelming. Don’t get this task get you down; the search for just the right color and style can be fun! You can check out websites like Misses Dressy. This website offers every style of evening wear and can help you find that perfect dress. Consider your overall coloring. Get to know the colors that look good with your hair and skin tone. Not everyone can pull Read more [...]

Latest Prom Dress Trends for 2014 you will like

Prom nights only get more exciting as the red carpet and runway-inspired trends for 2014 bring out stylish ideas that will make you stand out while having fun!  Peplum Peplums are fantastic for achieving a perfect hourglass figure, and help slim the legs if worn as a short prom dress. The peplum continues to evolve in style so whether flared, pleated, assymetrical, or partial, go ahead and pull it off! Lace The intricate lace designs on any dress always exudes elegance. There is something Read more [...]

Halloween Costume Themes for Students

October comes around just once a year and of course for all of us who enjoy Fancy Dress, Halloween is the perfect occasion to find your scariest costume and have fun. Children and adults all over the world enjoy Halloween. For young adults such as students, it is a great excuse to have a party. In fact most of the time students don’t need any excuse but Halloween certainly provides one. Decorating your flat in Halloween Decorations and getting into the Halloween spirit by finding a great Halloween Read more [...]