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today’s modern world companies should have to be creative, resourceful, innovative, and evolving to meet consumer needs. Particularly in the field of communications service competition is stronger than ever due to technology convergence and advancement of efficient ways to transport information. Telecommunications service providers, which traditionally focused on telecom (land-line and wireless), are now in a market where they provide a broader portfolio of services. In order to survive many companies are now offering bundled services including wireless mobile and land-line phone, data, Internet, and television – all through a single connection. Thus a more accurate description of companies that offer said commodities would be communications service provider.

Some companies use a distinctive model to transport information electronically that combines the use of Internet Protocol for voice, data, and video transmission via optical fiber and ADSL technology. With over 1.7 million customers, companies should be able to be a key telecommunications provider and worldwide leader on cutting edge broadband research and development. Companies should offer the public innovative and convenient solutions for integrated services used in both businesses and private homes some of which are outlined below.

Home Services

Telecom companies routinely offer discount packages and promotions meant to help customers choose the services that are best suited to meet their usage needs and budget requirements. Starting at just fewer than 20 Euro individual customers can sign up for the “Joy” premium and receive flat Internet service at home and surf the Internet up to 20 Megabit per second for downloads and 1 megabit per second for uploads. This ADSL service is available without having to subscribe for a phone connection and data speed can be increased if your neighborhood network is covered by optical fiber.

For just a few dollars more consumers may upgrade to “Home Pack”, “Surf” or “Ultra Surf” premiums which include such services as over 200 high definition Sky TV channels, unlimited calls to landlines and/or mobile phones within the country, activation fee and tax waivers, and more. Additional add-on features make each package customizable for customers. Regardless of what package is chosen, with company‚Äôs customers can be sure they are receiving the most technologically advanced and cost-effective solutions available.

Business Services

Business customers are not to be left out from the savings. Telecom also provides complete solutions for most business communication needs. Business oriented companies offers are designed to support different levels of use of telecommunications services – Internet and telephone – from companies of all sizes. Plans geared towards micro enterprises combine Internet service with two phone lines. The four setups available are: My Business Talk and Navigate, My Business Navigate, My Business Speak, and My Business Start

For very large organizations, there are a range of solutions that not only include the basics, but also include backup Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), a customary technology for rapidly increasing network traffic flow and Virtual Private Network (VPN), which has a multitude of functions including allowing employees to securely access their firm’s intranet while travelling outside the workplace. VPN’s stably and economically connect different office locations together creating one interconnected virtual network.

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