Core Employment Components Employers Must Offer to Gain High-Quality Employees

There may be a large workforce ready to apply for a position in your company, but those applicants may not have all the skills required. Matching the right person to the perfect job takes a strong human resources department with talents in both industry knowledge and human psychology. To attract high-quality employees, hiring personnel understand they must have an in-depth benefits package. It’s not just the salary people are striving for, but core benefits to further brighten their days.

Creating Those Work Hours

Employers can’t rely solely on 9-to-5 hours for their employees. Everyone needs to have some flexibility with their workweek. Offer employees several work shifts that ultimately cover the traditional 9-to-5 day. For example, offer a 6-to-2 shift or 11-to-7 time frame for those employees who work better either in the morning or evening. You want to play to everyone’s skills. Not everyone is productive at 9AM, for instance. This flexibility draws in good workers when they understand they’re respected to work during their best hours.

Flexible Medical Insurance Coverage Choices

Every person has a unique home life, requiring distinct medical coverage for all loved ones. Offer a flexible, yet simple, medical insurance policy. Allow workers to add and subtract people off their coverage or adjust the coverage type during registration periods. Don’t offer blanket coverage that stifles some employees and overcharges other people. Quality workers will find a better outlet for their medical needs which could be at a different company.

Disability Policies

Partnering with a reputable insurance carrier to support potential disability claims is crucial for your employees and the bottom line. Interview several providers that may also include other benefits. Bundling your insurance coverage and disability policy only saves you money over time and creates a strong bond with that provider. When rates inevitably rise, you might have a better chance at a lower rate as you lock in many years with one company. Your employees benefit in the long run.

Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s compensation is required of all businesses to protect them in cases of injury and other issues. Although most states carry a form of worker’s compensation, most savvy businesses want some coverage on their own. When potential employees see this extra coverage, they will know the business is a strong one with workers as a main priority.

Ample Vacation Time

As company costs continue to rise, some businesses reduce vacation benefits to keep the bottom line strong. However, employees should know that earning their vacation in reasonable amounts is important to the employer. It reflects a respect for the workforce, allowing them to rest as they please. Consider an additional five days added to vacations with each year or two years of service to please many applicants.

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