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Costly mistakes to avoid while hiring an SEO firm – Steer clear of the blunders

We all want our online businesses to grow with more leads, sales and traffic and for achieving this goal; SEO is the most important strategy. If you don’t think you can do all that SEO on your own after managing every other aspect of your online business, it’s time to hire an SEO firm. But unfortunately, very few companies are aware of the fact that the very first thing about SEO which leaves the companies susceptible to being taken undue advantage of by the shady and illegitimate firms. If you’re someone who wants his online business to end up on the first page of Google Search engine results, you have to hire the right SEO company with enough experience. If you’re into the market to do this job, you have to be very careful about avoiding the costliest mistakes. Here are some such blunders to avoid.

  • They are the ones who purchase backlinks: You must have heard that getting other websites to link to your site helps you a lot in increasing your search engine ranking but it is not so. If you’re working with an SEO firm which purchases backlinks from all those illegitimate sources is most likely to give your company some automated backlinks and low quality service. The pages on which the links will appear are usually called “free for all” pages as they’re full of irrelevant links. Even the bigger companies are penalized by Google for such practices.
  • They perform SEO copywriting: If you find a potential SEO company offering your copywriting services, you should strictly avoid them. Google has changed the algorithm which it previously used to rank content and hence it means that strategies like keyword stuffing and writing especially for the search engines in mind is a thing of past now. Instead, SEO firms should be focusing on marketing rather than trying to challenge the system. You can’t anylonger misspell the keywords in an attempt to rank higher in the search engine result pages.
  • They promise you instant results: SEO is not only science but it is also an art. This clearly means that any company which promises you instant results is actually making grandiose promises which are too good to be true. The quick way to achieve fast results is to use the black hat SEO techniques which are prohibited by the Google Algorithm. Such shortcuts might seem like an easier way but they can make your website vanish within a few days from the SERPs.
  • The companies want to lock you: Do you think that the SEO firm with which you’re talking is gradually trying to lock you in? If answered yes, take one step back. If they’re wishing to tie you in a commitment of 12 months, ask yourself the reason. They might be doing this so that you can’t drop off their services once you get to know that they’re not fulfilling their promises. So, be aware.

Therefore, before selecting SEO companies, be careful and avoid making the above mentioned costly mistakes.

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