Creating a Dream Board? Here’s What It Should Look Like

A dream board is a great way of keeping you on track of your goals, aims and life ambitions. If you haven’t heard of one before the it is essentially a notice board where you can put pictures, photos, inspirational quotes or messages which represent what it is that you want to achieve from life.

The way a dream board helps is that life can become very busy and challenging and time passes us by at lightning speed, so fast in fact that we can very often forget or lose focus of what are dreams actually are and the steps which we need to take to reach them. If you don’t already have one then I would recommend creating a dream board and regain your focus on your ambitions in life. Here are some of the things which it should include.


If you have weighty ambitions of becoming a CEO like Haris Ahmed or a doctor or lawyer, then get it up on the board. Don’t just put the job that you would like to have on your board, think of things a little wider than that. Place the job you want on the board and underneath a step-by-step guide of how you will reach it, also, above the job title you could place pictures of what the result of having such a job may be. Perhaps you will be saving lives, influencing global markets or saving an innocent man from prison. The idea of a dream board is visualization and photos and writings of causes and effects can help you to better visualize what you need to do.


What kind of lifestyle do you truly want? Cars, houses, boats, planes, motorbikes? Whatever it is you need to get it on your dream board and follow the same pattern as with your jobs, how will you get them and how will you feel afterwards. There is nothing too grand for your board, the clue is in the title, dream, and if you are dreaming about it then put it up there. Whether you want to own a Ferrari or travel the World, it is your personal dream and as long as you have a pan for how you are going to go about it, it belongs on your dream board.


The dream board is not just for material wealth but also emotional wealth and you should have a section of your board dedicated to your emotion wellbeing and happiness and your plans for your future family. Photos of a husband or wife, children or pets are great to put up on your dream board and it will keep you focussed on what you truly want in life.

Creating a dream board is a great exercise to center your focus and work out what you truly want in life, don’t create it at any great speed it is important that you consider each ambition that you have and how you are going obtain it.

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