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Ehsan Bayat: Entrepreneurship And Human Rights Pioneer

It is no secret that decades of war, foreign invasions, and domestic terrorism have torn the nation of Afghanistan apart. Where a proud and self sustaining civilization once stood, there are now tattered ruins of cities and towns. But it should also be recognized that however negative the outlook for human rights and free enterprise may look at the present moment, there is hope on the horizon. Slowly but surely, the spirit of civilization is beginning to reassert itself in the midst of this war torn land.

The Spirit Of Entrepreneurship Is Reasserting Itself

Although Afghanistan is certainly still struggling in the throes of an ongoing civil war, it cannot be said that there are not many capable individuals who are working hard to turn things around. Entrepreneurial spirits, such as Ehsan Bayat and many others, are doing more than their share to rebuild the nation’s beleaguered infrastructure and restore a measure of sanity and order to its long suffering people.

Ehsan Bayat, in particular, has made a long term commitment to the people of Afghanistan. As long ago as 2002, directly in the wake of the infamous 9/11 terror attack which first brought the anger of the Western world down upon the heads of his unfortunate countrymen, Bayat partnered with the Afghan government to create a program called the Afghan Wireless Communication Company. Since 2002, despite the anarchy and confusion that still prevails in the land, the company continues to slowly but surely prosper and expand its reach.

Development Continues Apace In Afghanistan

Even under the continued threat of renewed outbreaks of terrorism, development continues apace in Afghanistan. Since the initial founding of the Afghan Wireless Communication Company, subscriptions have grown to over 3 million in total, making this native born company one of the biggest and most reliable providers of wireless services in the country.

Once again, it should be noted that this progress has come in the midst of nearly unimaginable logistical opposition that would have broken the spirit of a less determined entrepreneur. However, with the help of an indefatigable group of fellow investors, Mr. Bayat has continued to do his part to increase the living standard and basic comforts of his fellow citizens in Afghanistan.

Celebrating A Decade Of Independent Education Television In Afghanistan

2015 will mark the tenth anniversary of Ariana Radio and Television Network. Three years after the defeat and deposition of the Taliban, Mr. Bayat and his partners launched this initiative across Afghanistan with the intention of providing positive news and information concerning the progress made in the nation. Today, the Ariana Radio and Television Network is the largest of its kind in Afghanistan, and it continues to expand its reach across the redeveloping nation.

The goal of this pioneering radio and television network has always been to increase the spread of news and information to as many Afghan citizens as possible, in order to foster a spirit of cooperation and understanding. The network broadcasts news and educational programs in three different languages that are common across the country: Dari, Pashtu, and English.

As of 2015, the network devotes a full quarter of its programming, both on its radio and television outlets, to a special ongoing series of fully educational broadcasts that are designed to give Afghan citizens knowledge in such vital areas as computer programming, foreign language training, and health advice. Thanks to the continuing efforts of the network, millions of Afghan citizens have received vital supplementary training in much needed sectors of employment.

The Future Of Civilization And Free Enterprise In Afghanistan

The reader who is interested in learning more about the slow but steady progress of civilization and free enterprise in Afghanistan may find more information on Ehsan Bayat’s page on the Internet. This page is updated regularly with all of the latest news and information, and is a vital source of knowledge on this topic.

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