Essential tips that will guide you to play Billiards like a professional


Billiards, also known as pool, is a relaxing game played with a cue stick that requires several coloured balls with each ball numbered uniquely. This entire setting is supported by a felt table and this is the ideal way to play billiards. There are two definite styles to play billiards; carrom billiards calls for the player to play on a felt table that has no pockets and the only way to win is by ensuring that your article makes contact with the cue ball and bounces off of it, while your sole aim while playing pocket billiards is to make sure that the coloured balls placed over the fat cat billiard tables find their way into the pockets placed at specific intervals using your cue stick to run into the cue ball. While there are two distinct types of billiards with varying objectives played by billiards enthusiasts, you must realize that you require exactly the same skill sets to play both types. Given below are some essential guidelines that will ensure that you hone your skills to play any game of billiards to the best of your ability.

1.)   Focus all your energies to getting your shot right:

This is a very crucial step and determines your efforts for the next stages. The first thing that you need to do is ensure that you hit the cue ball in a way that leads to the coloured balls in the pockets in rapid succession. This holds true for pocket billiards as you are entitled to take a new shot if you successfully get the ball in the pocket. You may not realize it but your sole aim while playing pocket billiards is not just getting straight shots in one run. Sometimes, you need to be more strategic than that. Occasionally, you must focus your energies in striking the cue ball in a way that will startle your opponent and prevent him from making a shot.

When it comes to carrom billiards, you must try to gather the balls close together so that it simplifies the process of bouncing them off the cue balls and other coloured balls.

2.)   You need to position yourself accordingly:

As a rule of thumb, it is important that you position yourself in the direction of your cue stick. This will make it extremely easy for you to understand the shot. If you use your right hand to strike the cue stick, you must ensure that you align your right leg in a way that it makes contact with the end of the cue stick at roughly 45 degrees. You must also ensure that the other leg does not intervene with this position and is kept away from this alignment and slightly forward than your opposite foot. This will help you get the right amount of momentum as you strike the ball with your cue stick. Almost remember to be as vertical as possible when taking the shot.

3.)   Keep your distance:

When playing billiards, it is very important that you stand at least a foot away from the fat cat billiard tables as this will ease your body into taking a good shot. Basically, you may have to maintain a longer distance for striking a cue ball that is farther from you.

It is also important that you employ the right technique while holding the cue stick. The hand that you choose to shoot with must grip the rear of the stick. However, the actual distance will depend upon your height. Besides, the fingers of the other hand must be used along the tip of the cue stick. This helps you take a shot smoothly.

These guidelines will ensure that you play billiards like a professional.

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Deborah Hill is a freelance writer and social media addict. She loves socialising with friends and family and frequently organizes house parties for her guests. She loves her fat cat billiard tables and believes that they are a great way to catch up and spend quality time with loved ones.