Every newbie should make sure he knows this before jumpstarting a business

Starting a business can be both scary and exciting at the same time. Those who have already had an experience of this Herculean task admit that it’s like driving through fog where only a few feet in front of you can be seen. You don’t know what is there lying ahead until it comes upon you. However, it is also true that the longer time through which you are an entrepreneur, the better you can navigate through the fog.

Someone who has been driving through the fog for the last 10 years must have had enough experience. If you’re a novice who is all set to jumpstarting a business of your own, here are few things that you should definitely know before taking the plunge.

#1: Don’t pay attention to the statistics

People never think twice before telling that 95% of the businesses fail. You should make up your mind that you’re not supposed to listen to this as such statistics are nothing but a lame excuse which makes you seem comfortable about surrendering. Even if you think that the number is correct, it happened that way because majority of the people never commit and they fail to follow up their business till the end. They aren’t smart about handling their money.

#2: Start something that you love

Make sure you don’t start off with something that you wouldn’t want to do within the coming five years. This is because if you’re eager to become successful, you will take at least 5 years to become ideally successful.

#3: Remember that the owner is separate from the entity of the business

It is vital to know that you are independent from your business and consider yourself as a shareholder and employee in your business. There are many who keep struggling to separate their personal finances from that of their business.

#4: Select the apt business structure for you

There are times when the success that you accomplish and the chances of failure depend on the kind of business structure that you choose for your business. Would you like to form an S-Corp or an LLC or a general partnership? Your future will depend on the business entity that you choose for your business.

#5: Maintain a balance between work and personal life

There are lots of entrepreneurs who spend at least 12-13 hours of their day behind their business and they have been constantly following this routine for the last 10 years. This leads to a burn out of energy and makes you even more unproductive. Whenever you start curbing the total number of hours that you work in a day, you can easily streamline tasks and get jobs done faster. In fact, you can use the apps which can let you become doubly productive.

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