Five Ways to Make a Digital Resume Stand Out

Technology has come to the forefront of just every business imaginable. Potential employees have had to make adjustments during the job seeking process just to remain relevant. Embracing the fast-paced digital world can be difficult, but utilizing a digital or online resume is one way to really present a great face to potential employers. Shahram Shirkhani does a great job presenting an online resume complete with great summary, social media links, professional sites, and other online resources. In fact, these are great methods that every professional can put to use in their job search.
A summary or biography gives the complete story of the candidate. Using a well-written couple of paragraphs to provide an effective background, relay experience, and mention career experience can go a long way in the eyes of employers. Summaries should provide enough information to spur further research because an interview is the ultimate goal.
Social Media Links
Companies have begun evaluating the social media accounts of potential job candidates. Anyone looking for a job should double check social profiles for any embarrassing or potentially job-killing photographs or posts. However, providing links to social profiles is a great way for candidates to showcase particular accounts right from the online resume, which means social media can help a resume stand out as well.
Professional Sites
Providing links to professional sites that have information about the job seeker is another great way to showcase some individual skills. Whether those sites are trade directories, profiles, or company photographs, other professional sites are a great way to demonstrate dedication, work ethic, and the desire to succeed.
Online Resources
Since the resume is going to appear online available to employers everywhere, job seekers should make the most use of any online resources that are available. With more than one digital resume company around, linking one page to another for accuracy is a great practice. After all, the goal is to present a thorough and complete profile. Therefore, putting information in a single location is a great way to simplify the task of researching the applicant.
Deep Content
Deep content is a process that takes an overall glance at all of the pages linked to a given online resume. Social media pages filled with content that support accolades, activities, and skills are great ways to complete the digital profile of any candidate. Basically, the provided links should provide support and documentation to what is presented on the page.
In the end, making a digital resume stand out from the crowd requires a great summary, easy social media navigation, utilization of online resources, and the necessary deep content to support any claims. Focusing on presenting a complete and effective electronic presence is essential for job seekers in an increasingly digital world. Showcasing some familiarity and referring visitors to sites that present a complete overview are necessary to give companies an accurate sense of the person. These pages can have a direct impact on the nature of employment.

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