Great Ways to Invest Your Money

I was always someone who saved throughout my working life and that left me in a position after I retired where I found myself with a great deal of disposable cash, with very little to do with it. I have never been a flashy person, or someone who prefers the finer things in life so that left me with a few vacations to spend my cash on, and little else. With this in mind I decided that I would instead try to grow my wealth through investments, giving me the chance to not only make money, but also to give me something to focus on. My portfolio is ever growing and I wanted to talk to you about some of the ways that I have managed to profit from investing.


When someone first mentioned the idea of a digital currency to me I not only had no idea what it was all about, I also believed it to be a scam. Thankfully, I employed a little research and soon discovered that something which they call Bitcoin, was got property indeed. I would say that I was actually fortunate in terms of when I decided to fill my Bitcoin wallet as the price was incredibly low at that time, something which changed dramatically just 6 months later and saw me grab a huge profit.

Oil Futures

I spent my career in the oil industry so I already knew a thing or two abut how the market worked and what its impacts were, for this reason I decided to invest in oil futures. Oil futures are contracts which predict the price of oil, as the price moves up and down, so too does the value of the contract. These contracts can be traded throughout their life and once the contract expires, the owner can either profit if the oil price is higher than the contract, or simply lose their initial investment. To dat this has been the most lucrative of my investments.

Real Estate

Everyone told me when I began investing that bricks and mortar were the smartest places to put my cash. I initially decided against this but once I had made a little bit of profit from my futures trading, I decided that I would in fact get involved in the real estate business. I started off small and invested in a condo which I rented out, the are was growing and so I bought 2 more condos in the next 6 months, and then 2 more shortly afterwards. Currently I am sitting on these properties and receiving monthly income via rent, thankfully for me, the value of the condos are rising quickly and I am looking to sell them some time next year to embark upon a commercial property venture.

If you are only just getting involved in investment, my advice to you would be to hit real estate first, it is the safest and least volatile of investments which you could make.


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