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High Paying Jobs For Higher Education

When choosing a career path it is common to think about how much you are going to be paid. Higher education does give you access to better-paid jobs but this is not actually a guarantee. If you are looking for really high paying jobs for higher education, here are some great suggestions you can definitely take into account.

Surgeons And Physicians

If you are looking for the highest paid job in the entire world, this is the option you want to consider, with the average being at around $187,000. Requirements for working time and education are pretty strict and those that work in these fields need at least professional or doctoral degrees, with education time of over 8 years.

Both of these positions find work inside hospitals but the main job is different. Physicians are examining patients, offer information about potential treatments and convince them to get the best possible while surgeons operate patients in order to cure injuries or medical conditions.


The orthodontist’s job is similar to that of the dentist but the main focus is on preventing and treating malocclusion, together with arranging jaws and teeth. Orthodontists can expect to be paid over $160,000 per year, with the job often being in the top 5 in most countries from around the world, when thinking about income. If you want to apply for such a job, you need at least a Bachelor’s degree.


According to Steven Scott statistician positions require you to have at least the Bachelor’s Degree, together with some extra certification. The job will give you access to a really diverse working environment, with positions available in travel agencies, hotels, hospitals and much more. The main scope of the job is normally to collect data, analyze it and then interpret it. The expected salary around the world is around $90,000.

Chief Executives

Many consider this to be a favorite job type, one with a really good salary since it is considered to be the highest position in organizations. The chief executives practically run businesses and are responsible for company growth. When working as a chief officer, salary tends to go over $160,000 every single year. The education requirement is normally at least a Bachelor’s or suitable management work experience in positions like human resource director or sales director.

Petroleum Engineer

In this position you can expect a salary of around $130,000 every single year. The position roughly went off the radar of many as more and more such specialists become needed around the world. The work of this engineer is often to design and develop quality oil equipment that would be used in various working environments. A Bachelor’s degree would absolutely be necessary and in many cases some extra working experience would be necessary.


Salaries are around $130,000 on average so the job of the lawyer is something that is on the target of many that choose higher education. The job is often related to offering legal advice or criminal defense. Many of the high-paid lawyers work in private environments.

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