How can students benefit from risk free betting

Being a student means two things; needing money, and having no money. Many students choose to get part time jobs, whilst some scrape through on their student loan and help from parents. However, these aren’t the only options.

Many online betting websites offer you the chance of free money. That’s right, free money. Acquisition is such an important metric in the world of online gambling that many companies are willing to give you free bets and bonuses simply for signing up to their site.

By taking advantage of the enormous number of sites that offer this kind of incentive it’s possible to generate a reasonable amount of cash; that is of course if you bet well.

Why can you bet risk free?

As previously mentioned, acquisition is arguably one of the most important thing for online betting companies. They work on the premise that the more people who they have signed up to their service, the more people who will generate revenue for them. Although it may seem like an odd business model, the size of and continuous growth of the online gaming market suggests that it’s a good one.

Some betting sites also try and attract customers from one of their betting platforms to another. For example, only last week my chosen betting site emailed me to notify me that I had a £20 free casino bonus. I predominantly bet on sports so this was their attempt to try and get me also playing their casino games such as online slots, roulette and blackjack.

Where can you bet risk free?

The bonuses that many online gambling companies offer require you to actually deposit cash and place a bet before receiving your free bet or bonus. However, there are places where you aren’t required to stake any cash in order to get your free bet/bonus; and these are the sites where you want to be.

There are many affiliate gambling sites that will have collated lists of the best free bet and bonus sites for you; you can find these lists by performing a simple Google search. Searches such as “free bet no deposit” and “no deposit bonus” should provide you with what you’re looking for.

How to make money-betting risk free

The easy part of making money from this is actually obtaining the free bets and bonuses. The hard part is figuring out how to turn these into cash that you can withdraw. When placing a free bet, there are often rules that come with it. The most common being that you can only bet on something that is above even odds. There may also be some restrictions when it comes to the construction on multiples and the markets in which you can actually bet on.

The key to making money is to not get carried away. Yes, the bet is risk free, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that placing it on a 22/1 shot is a good idea. It’s advisable to see a free bet as real money; that way you’re more likely to spend it wisely. The same logic also applies to cross platform bonuses.


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