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How To Increase Your Positivity – Simple Methods To Consider Now

We all have some thoughts and messages that keep popping up from time to time. We have a personal unique dialogue inside our minds that will influence all we do, like habits, actions, relationships, destiny and words. The problem is most people are going to develop a self-talking pattern that is negative. Being negative can drastically reduce your life span and can cause so many different problems. Becoming a positive thinker is always a good idea but everything starts with increasing positivity. It is vital for all businesses from successful law firms to tech startups and so important for personal development at the same time.

The really good news is that it is not that hard to increase positivity. Here are some ways in which you can do this right now.

Gratitude Practice

A really quick way to shift the focus away from disappointment, judgment and negativity is simply to list all things from the life you have that you are currently grateful for. For instant, be grateful for having a place to sleep in, for your job, for your wife or whatever is really important for you. It is possible to keep daily gratitude journals. Some people even contemplate creating a blog. Practicing gratitude is a very good way to help you become more positive.

Observing Thought Patterns

You want to observe your thought patterns and see if you find yourself focused on a failure, complaining about something related to work or simply criticizing something about you. Observing thoughts help you to easily counter them. Just be sure that you take them one by one. When a negative thought appears, think about 2 positive gratitudes or observations.

Improving Posture

The connection between the body and the mind cannot be denied. Both will have a huge impact on you as a whole. When your mind cannot move towards a perspective that is positive, start your improvement with a focus on the body. Stand up straight, keep the chin high, stretch the arms and keep shoulders back. You want to feel positive and powerful. When you take care of your body and you improve your posture this becomes a lot simpler.


If you want the body to basically trick your mind into a positive way of being, starting with the smile is always recommended. Even if you do not have anything that you could smile about, by smiling you change how you feel on the inside. It does not matter what you do. Just smile at strangers, at you in the mirror or at anyone. In many cases people end up smiling back and when this happens you are becoming more positive one smile at a time.

Practice Kindness

Kindness is not something that comes easy for all people. In some cases it will be very hard to do something kind, especially for a stranger. Start by doing something kind for someone that you know and then focus on moving towards strangers. You want to practice kindness as often as you can. It will be difficult but as time passes it will be a lot simpler. Just have patience and take it one step at a time.

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