How to Make a Movie on a Budget

Whether you have studied filmmaking or not, making a film is something that all of us have the power to do and modern technology has enabled us to do so regardless of your budget. The independent movie Tangerine for example was shot entirely on an iPhone 5 showing that you don’t need to spend millions and millions on special effects, CGI or actors wages. Today we are going to take a look at some of the methods which you can employ to make the movie that you have always wanted to within spending vast sums of money.


When it comes to the actors which you are going to use in your film you naturally won’t want to pay the money for high end actors like Steve Sorensen. In order to avoid paying for actors, or at least to avoid paying over the odds for them, you should head to drama colleges and speak to acting students who might be looking to catch themselves a break. When it comes to extras you should look to family and friends to help you out or alternatively simply put something on social media, you’ll be surprised just how many people wish to get involved in something like a film.


If you want to go super low-budget then you should look at filming your movie using a cellphone or a tablet and you could use drones for aerial shots. The quality of phone and tablet cameras these days are almost akin to the quality which movie cameras had in the 70s and 80s so there is nothing to stop you going down this route. If you prefer a heavy duty camera then you can rent them for very good prices, this will no doubt be your biggest expense so it is worth investing well.


When it comes to editing your movie you can find several very high quality pieces of software that will enable you to edit your movie for free. Even things like iMovie has hundreds of options for your movie editing, you can alter colors, tones, add slow motion scenes and easily cut and paste various parts of the movie. There are of course some programs which you can pay for that will offer you far more options when it comes to how you edit the film and if you are able to spend a little then this could be a great option for you.


You don’t need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to market your new film, there are lots of options for you to get your movie out there without spending a penny. Social media will give you access to thousands of pairs of eyes and there are lots of independent cinemas which will be more than happy to show your new movie. Consider also entering your film into movie competitions, this has the possibility to get your movie noticed by people in the industry and also give the name of your film a little more clout when you start approaching cinemas.

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