How to Save Money Traveling

Traveling or being away on holiday can sometimes sound pretty daunting, especially on your wallet.  Thousands of people’s life dreams are to travel the world but unfortunately not everyone will explore that dream over fears of costs being too much.  Don’t get me wrong there are going to be some costs involved but there are many different ways that you can cut those costs and fulfill your lifelong dream.  Below I have included some tips that can help you cut down the costs of traveling and if you take some of the tips on board you will be zipping up your backpack in no time.


Ok, so you have just arrived at your first destination, you are excited and what to see what that place has to offer.  It can be overwhelming and you will want to do everything that is to offer very quickly, as tempting as that is, you need to be careful and budget what you have to spend.  One of the main reasons you will be spending money will be on day to day things (food, drinks etc).  It is always about finding the right balance, there is no point in going away if you are not going to do anything, yet you can’t go overboard as it can affect the rest of your journey.  A good tip when it comes to budgeting is having a daily allowance, withdraw cash for how much you can budget for that day and don’t spend a penny over.  By doing this, you will be able to work out where you are financially.


When traveling, you will see a lot of top class hotels with everything you could ever think of needing included within its walls.  As great as this sounds, hotels like this tend to come at a large cost, which as discussed above it is something that you don’t need.  Across the world there are thousands of hostels that you and other budding travelers can stay in.  Don’t be put off by the film would be my first tip but if you have never stayed in a hostel before I guarantee a lot of them will surprise you.  They all tend to have a warm and upbeat atmosphere, you will meet some fantastic people and they are so cost effective to a traveller.  Not only can they save you money for getting your head down but also try to get a hostel with a kitchen and it can also save you a lot of money in terms of eating.  I am not saying to not try the local restaurants but you will save a lot of money by cooking with items you can pick up from the local markets at a much lower cost (by the way that is the same case with alcohol).

Using Public Transport

When traveling to your next destination or exploring wherever you are, it is so cost effective to utilize public transport.  It will always be tempting to get a flight or a taxi as they tend to be more direct, however it is so important to try and use public transport as much as you can simply because of the financial benefits it has.  Public transport is improving consistently all the time and it is a great way to see sights and to take in the culture of your chosen destination.  I have been speaking to Umberto de Pretto about the improvements that are constantly been made with public transport.  De Pretto knows a lot about the growth of this and is currently the Secretary General of IRU (International Road Transport Union) and oversees upholding the interest of transport to ensure economic growth by roads worldwide.  Like public transport, De Pretto and the IRU strive for improving constantly through determination and hard work.

Anyone Can Do It

A lot of you will want to travel but don’t think they can because of the financial struggles it can bring but trust me anyone can do it.  Please do not let the opportunity pass you by, if you miss it, it may be something that you regret.  Whether its Rio or Berlin, it’s your dream so make it happen!



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