How To Spend a Weekend in Melbourne

There are some cities in Australia that are truly worth your time to visit when road tripping in a motorhome hire. Melbourne is, most certainly, one of these places, and will provide you with a plethora of fun things to do.

If you’re headed there for a weekend of fun, you don’t want to be disappointed. As someone who is traveling the country in a motorhome hire, you may have a limited time to enjoy different places, so you want to make the most of it.

You can be sure that Melbourne will be as enlightening as it is entertaining . There is a reason why Melbourne is often on top of lists of places to visit in Australia. It truly is a fun-loving place to be and you’ll enjoy getting a taste of it. To help you plan an unforgettable and worthwhile weekend, consider doing the following things while in Melbourne:

  • Visit Queen Victoria Market: As a 140 year market, you don’t want to miss out on checking out Melbourne’s most popular open air market. As one of the city’s landmarks, even if you don’t buy anything from any of the stalls, it’s still an experience that you’ll want to have when visiting Melbourne. Make sure that you visit with some “rumbling in your tummy” so you can enjoy some of the delectable eats that are found in this iconic market, where you can even expect live music and plenty of fun. Besides food, you’ll also be able to check out some local merchandise like jewelry and handcrafts, as well as clothes.
  • Hang out at Southbank: This waterfront area is ideal for those who want to enjoy some fresh air and water views during their visit to Melbourne. As a highly popular area in Melbourne, you can expect to find that “something is always going on.” From going there to see and be seen in local hubs to enjoying art galleries, rooftop bars, and classy restaurants, Southbank is where it’s at in Melbourne. Plus, if you love the water and don’t want to head out to St. Kilda, this is the perfect spot for some waterfront views as you sit back and relax.
  • Take tours of the laneways full of art or explore them on your own: If you like good street art, you’ll enjoy exploring the laneways in Melbourne, where you’ll find some pretty great “graffiti.” Not only will you be able to appreciate the street art that has become world famous, but you’ll also like the fact that many of the laneways have great cafes and bars for you to enjoy a coffee or bite to eat.
  • Check out the local festivals happening during your visit: Melbourne is always a great place for enjoying festivals. If you plan on visiting over a weekend, you can be sure that something will be going on. Make sure to look up festivals before coming, so you can make sure to be able to attend, if it’s something that suits your fancy.
  • Explore local bars and restaurants in St. Kilda for a good time: It’s not necessarily in Melbourne, but as a suburb, it’s not far. It’s a great place to visit if you want to have some beach fun, explore Esplanade Market, or enjoy a drink or two as you check out the St. Kilda Pier.
  • Visit the Royal Botanical Gardens: If you make it a point to visit gardens in the cities that you visit, Melbourne has a very well-known one that many garden lovers love to visit. Royal Botanical Gardens is a beautiful place with a big variety plant species, and they have an area for you to enjoy a meal, as well as tours available.
  • Go skydiving: If you’re looking to get your blood pumping, consider going skydiving while in Melbourne. It’s well known for being a great sky diving destination and you’ll find that the tour companies are highly reliable and experienced. Plus, the views of the city and surrounding areas are breathtaking. Many skydiving companies offer options where you can skydive from, such as over the coast in St. Kilda, near the city, or Yarra Valley (wine country).

In Conclusion

Melbourne is a must-visit city. If you want to enjoy plenty of fun activities, meet friendly and welcoming people from all over, and enjoy a busy weekend, Melbourne is a place to be. It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling with family, friends, or alone, there is always something to do while in the area.

If you’re already traveling around Australia in a motorhome hire, you should put Melbourne on your list of places to see. It’s not a lie that it’s one of Australia’s most happening cities. From shopping to gourmet food, sports, and outdoor activities, Melbourne is the lively-city that you’ve been hoping for.

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