Integrity Heating and Cooling, How a Company Should Be Ran

During these cold winter months here in Boston i tis absolutely vital that you have a fully functioning furnace that can keep you and your home warm all season long. Last year I didn’t do the checks on my furnace that I should have done, and in the middle of December disaster struck. I contacted a local company here called Integrity Heating and Cooling and I must say that they completed saved the day. You may be curious as to why I am writing about this company a year after I used their service, but something has recently come to light to remind me as to how good they are as a company.




Service is something that I believe is dying out in many companies both here in Boston and around the world. Some companies do this very well indeed and for me, high quality service is something that will definitely turn me into a loyal customer. The guys at Integrity clearly place good service high on their list of priorities and from the moment that I first contacted them with the issue last year, I received nothing but excellent service from the whole team.


Great Prices


I’ll be completely honest I almost didn’t call this company after looking on their website and seeing how cheap their products were, instantly looking at their prices with skepticism. At the bottom of their website however it said that they were willing to pay $500 to anyone that found prices cheaper than theirs. I accepted the challenge and failed miserably, there is nobody in Boston, MA that charges less than these guys do, and the products are the real deal too.


After Care


The turn of events that prompted me to write this glowing review of Integrity Heating and Cooling was the phone call that I received last week, asking me if everything was alright and whether or not I would like a member of their team to come out to my home, in order to check the quality of the furnace that had been installed. Given that I hadn’t asked for this after care, nor paid for any kind of service like this, I assumed that they must have made a mistake. The guy who called me however told me that they do this for all of their customers and just when I thought their service couldn’t get any better, I find out that it must certainly can.


Whether you have heating or cooling needs, if you live in the Boston, MA area then I would wholeheartedly recommend using this company and their services. You can completely rely on receiving the very best service, high quality products and all of it at very reasonable and dare I say cheap prices. Don’t struggle with old or faulty equipment, give Integrity a call now and give your home the products that it needs.

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